Strategy: DJ's sobat pressure game

EDIT: Please note that Cito48 informed me that this pressure tactic is punishable by Guile’s flash kick, so consider him a character that this tactic doesn’t really work with.

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been trying to sharpen my DJ game. After playing around a bit, I noticed that the sobat kick actually has a ton of use as a pressure/clip dmg tool. It not only breaks armor, but it “jumps” over many low attacks. Distanced properly, and with some match-up practice, it can be your ticket to winning many games we thought as lost causes for DJ. Depending on distance, each sobat kick has different uses…

LK Sobat
LK is your up-close pressure tool, hands down. At the right distance, it is nonpunishable by most characters and will also lead your opponent to make a move. The LK sobat also has the added advantage of invincibility to certain low attacks.

The set-up: I have found that for the lk sobat to be nonpunishable, it must be far away such that the will just barely (or not at all) hit your opponent. If your opponent is too close, I suggest throwing out a to put some distance between DJ and his foe. Follow-up with an lk sobat, rinse, repeat until the other player makes a move. Here are some examples:
#1) If the player jumps in on you…
LK or EX upkick if you have charge.
Sans charge, c.HP may be your best AA bet. I have not tested it in all situations, and the timing is a bit tricky, but I think it will trade in your favor.
#2) If the player opts for a fireball…
c.HK slide under for a nice punish+knockdown

I think it’s obvious to warn not to become too predictable with this move. Be random with the timings; you don’t need to use it whenever you’re charged… you can wait a bit. This will throw your opponent off a lot of the time, leaving you open to do some moves. Also if your opponent starts walking backwards you can c.HK slide at them for a nice knock-down. backwards-walking opponents also set you up for…

MK Sobat
I found it interesting that this move is actually nonpunishable at fairly close range, and moves far to boot. Make sure your opponent is about 1/3 of the screen away, and so long as you land both kicks in the MK sobat you will not have to fear being punished. On top of that it does some good clip damage. However, you have to get your spacing right on this, as missing the first kick and only landing the second will leave you open. On top of that, the second kick will not break armor.

This move is excellent if your opponent is in the corner, but out of lk sobat range. The MK sobat will leave you, when both hits blocked, at range to do the LK sobat pressure explained above.

DJ’s sobat pressure tool is a fountain of untapped potential in the current player pool. I have not seen the move itself used much at all (albeit for the EX version which goes through fireballs), which is a shame since it is really useful. Note however that this is a tactic, and by no means is it a replacement for zoning and forms of pressure, etc. This is just one of many ways you can make your offense game stronger, and I have found that it is KILLER against guile players.

Anyways, I hope you guys got something out of this. I welcome comments and suggestions, and I can explain things a little better if you ask. Feel da rhythm!

Hey man, I don’t want to shoot you down at all but I feel everything you’ve said is pretty obvious and has definately been covered here. I also have no idea who you have been playing or watching but I see this type of pressure all the time. I think a much better thread would be to improve peoples awareness of knee shot (although there is already a thread) or a list of normal/super/ultra punishes to use against opponents normals/specials/ultra’s etc.

It may not be obvious to all, especially those who are new to the forums and looking for general pressure strategies, where and when to use lk and mk sobat. Nonetheless, I agree it could be pretty obvious after playing DJ for a while.

There’s truth to this, but man, you just shoot everyone down don’t you?
Honestly, this is the first time I’ve seen anything this in-depth about using sobats as pressure and zoning. Just because there’s a thread that covers basic moves doesn’t necessarily mean there was this much detail put into the sobats as we see here.

Actually, I’d like the both of you, if it’s not much trouble, to contribute something to “Dee’s Nuts: The Definitive Match-Up Thread” if you would be so kind.

This talk about sobats would be a great addition to the “General Information” section, provided you could shorten it to comply with space restrictions, and I think Canton’s expertise and relevant wise-cracking would be a great help.

No idea where your going with that comment. I didn’t shoot anyone down. I even made a recommendation of what would be very useful information to this board since it is clear Xavior is looking to help the community and willing to put some effort into it. I also haven’t made one wise crack on this board. I think you’ll find the only wise crack was made by you. “Canton’s expertise blah blah” when I clearly haven’t contributed any expertise, although i have helped a lot of people.

Understanding the range of LK sobat and medium sobat is very important but doesn’t need a whole thread. Honestly, it has been covered and it is a basic tool. If Xavior went into specific ranges for safe uses of every normal and special against various opponents and specific uses for Dee Jay’s counter pokes (cr.fp,,, lk sobat) then this would be a useful thread.

It’s one thread and he went into great detail on his opinion, I saw this totally need a thread

do not use lk sobat aganist guile it can be flash kicked on block. i learned the hard way :frowning:

It depends on the range that it’s blocked from. Like I said, if you are just out of range for a then it should be nonpunishable on block. However, I will research Guile’s flash-kick on this setup when I get home. Thanks!

Just read this thread and its not bad.

My friends hate DeeJay because of sobat pressure.

LK version beats all low attacks and some small characters jabs
MK is safe on viper even if spaced incorrectly.

More players need to go in depth with deejay’s moves as xavior did.

Does MK sobat have any low invulnerability like the LK incarnation?

Nope, though his low vulnerable hitbox is a ways back, so you can get a similar effect with proper spacing.

Sobats can be beaten by mashed jabs, so it does get alittle frustrating when you can’t keep your opponent honest enough to not so that.

There’s a little place, just outside jab range, that I like to call “Sweep City”. You know the place. It’s where every Ryu / Ken / Akuma / Gouken / Balrog / any average player ALWAYS presses sweep (or cr. mk).

You wind up in this spot usually after doing a block string. Basically, their thought process is “Ok, he’s done attacking… but he’s a little too far for me to hit him with shoryuken… but I HAVE to press something… I know! SWEEP!”

I just immediately do an lk sobat whenever I’m at this range. You don’t even need to react to the sweep. They’re gonna press it regardless. So just throw that lk sobat out and you’ll tag them 99 out of 100 times. And it usually works the same against cr. mk.

If you’re slightly out of Sweep City, lk sobat is still the best option, because you’ve just entered “Focus Town USA”. They have the same basic thought process: “Well I can’t hit him with SRK or sweep… and he’ll probably try to hit me now… time for a focus attack!” (Cody players do this constantly, cause they think their FA is Godlike)

Lk sobat is great for breaking focus. But EX sobat is even better cause it’ll still catch them even if they backdash out.

That’s funny but so true. “Focus Town USA” lol. Most Guy and Fei Long players are some focus fools aswell

Only online though, lol. “Sweep City” doesn’t exist against good players.