Strategy for Chun Li vs Cammy



This is one of the harder match-ups for my Chun Li. What are some strategies I need to use against Cammy? How should I counter her standing HK??


Try to bait st rh just out of range, then punish with walk up strong xx super.

In general I like to do cr strong a little up close to go under it, sometimes it trades. Don’t be afraid to roll if you anticipate the st rh. It has a lot of lag, very punishable on whiff.


whiff unpunishable moves to get cammy to try to counter poke while out of range, then strong super.


Most people mix up between standing HK and MK. They don’t HK all day long.


I like it how every single tip given out in this forum is almost always, “Just mash it a few times” or “Just do standing strong xx death.”

Man, this game is too easy.