Strategy for learning/improving combos?

Aside from the obvious practicing in training mode, does anyone have advice for learning combos? I’m having a lot of difficulty doing combos reliably that require more than 2 attack inputs.

Learn what all 6 buttons do for your character.
Don’t hesitate when inputting a command.
Know when to use something. I.E. it being safe or not.
And watch some video’s/read and most importantly ask about it.

P.S. Practice Practice Practice. I went from being complete garbage in cvs2 to being complete garbage and doing cc’s.

I found playing on different speeds helps. And these helped

good idea!

practice for a longer time and then have a break from the game for a few days.
after you try again you will notice that you are better than the time you stopped playiig.

practice pratice practice lol also depends on who you play with … i play with guile and his combos are hellla hard lol but it’s all timing … i also play with balrog his combos are hella easy but still hard to master lol… sounds crzy but it’s true.

Read Domination 101 and character specific strategies here on the forum. You’ll have a hard time finding better tips than what you see there.

following the trend Practice Preactice Practice