Strategy for Learning the Alpha Games

I have been messing around with Alpha 3 for a while, though only really with the old ps1 port until the recent release of Alpha anthology. I really want to learn Alpha 3 now, and I was wondering whether if in order to do that properly I need to lear Alpha 2 or 1 first? Also, what characters would be a good introduction to each of the games.

Alpha 3 plays slightly differently to the previous games… There’s habbits you need to pick up that you wont from playing one and two. If A3’s the game you want to learn, then that’s the game you need to play.

One thing you really need to get used to is watching your oponents combos for neutral states… You really need to condition your self to hit two punch buttons to recover, otherwise you’ll threaten your chances of winning.

Firstly I’d reccomend reading this FAQ, Alpha 3 has a very complex combo system, it’s almost essetial to understand it.

Buy the Brady Games guide.

No joke.

You can’t link directly to the faq.

Look for Kao Megura’s Faq/Movelist (JP) then scroll to the bottom and look for jchensor’s Combo/Systems guide. That should be helpful for people getting started with the game.

Oh, well, read James Chensor’s combo FAQ for the arcade version of A3. You’ll find it easy.

I totally agree with Seerd. The Brady Games guide has been called “a glorified” moves list by a lot of people, but it’s actually a really solid way to get into the whole alpha series. It explains alot of the Alpha nuances, quite in depth. Plus, you can tell it was written by people who actually enjoy playing the game. Blah blah blah, i suck at reviews.

Point in case: Buy the guide.