Strategy for makato

I’m a mid level Urien player and I have a lot of trouble fending off any decent makato players. She’s so short, s. mp goes over her head, and headbuts are useless except for in some punishment situations. The only good aegis set-ups I can get are off throws and some times off of chariot tackles and I generally don’t like doing the aegis off of the throw because it’s pretty easy for the character to roll out. Anybody have some tips on strategy?

st.fierce and cr.forward are the pokes i use the most. They kinda kill her dashes. If you anticipate a jump-in don’t throw spheres, go for a st.strong > headbutt or an earlt twd+strong. One parry > cr. fierce and she is dead anywhere on the screen unless she can parry unblockables well. Don’t jump that much. She is like gouki for urien in the air game. She catches up on you fast. She is annoying for urien but no way, at least not for me, as much of trouble as gouki. :slight_smile:

The more you play the matchup the better you learn

That throw unblockable is great if your opponant doesnt know how to quick recover. If they do use tackle into the corner cancelled into jab aegis, fierce tackle once theyre on the ground etc etc. If you catch them an axe kick too high off the ground(obviously not gonna happen much with a good makoto) do a metallic sphere, etc.

Ive found the st.Fierce and cr. Forward to work wonders as well (well as much wonders as you can work in this matchup). St. Forward is also good if used every once in a while, like if they dash in but dont make it close enough to do a Karakusa, punish that short recovery time her dash has (hardly a punishment, but in this match I feel that every little bit helps). Get her into an unblockable ASAP before she can get you into a stun combo.
Sorry if that isnt the best advice, I have problems with this match as well and am relatively new to Urien. Ill be keeping an eye on this thread.

If you dont play Makoto it might help to play her a little, get a feel for what shes capable of and when she’ll use what.

How do you stop getting karakusaed?

I know you can tech the karakusa (I cant lol, but I know its possible).
A jab headbutt will beat karakusa(almost positive, someone feel free to correct me if Im wrong. I dont see why not). If theyre doing hayate into karakusa I dont know what to tell you, other than parry the hayate lol.

Dealing with karakusa for me is much like a non-urien player dealing with throws after a headbutt. Majority of it can be expected and dealt with properly, but you’re still gonna get caught by the odd one here and there.

Any headbutt will get you off the ground long enough to deal with it, but as this will not hit makoto, will set you up for any random hayates or ex-hayate. As Urien’s kneedrop gets you off the ground much like the headbutt, that’ll work too, but is easy to parry, so I don’t recommend either of these.

Throws or jumping is the next alternative. Personally I like jumping out of the two, since I never seem to have much luck teching out of it. A badly timed karakusa miss when you jump will result in a j. fierce, c. fierce, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla insert unblockable. If you are grabbed by the karakusa, there are generally 3 things I tend to see:

  1. s. FP -> SAII … Situation like this, hope you started at 0 stun and that they can’t kara-fukiage. :xeye:

  2. s. FP -> EX Hayate … You’re going to get knocked down after this, keep an eye out for another karakusa following it after you get up, but that’s about it. Tech roll and watch for the grab again.

  3. s. MP -> Hayate -> Karakusa … This trick is mean against newbs but a lot of people still fall for it. If you see the hayate come out and it’s not an ex, expect the karakusa shortly after it. Personally I tend to jump straight up and attempt to punish, but since that can be parried, you may just want to throw on landing (or jump forwards/backwards). If you’re a ninja you can tech out of the karakusa but again, I don’t have much luck with that.

Grahf is right on the rest of it, lots of standing fierce is great for her. s. HK can also be used fairly well against mediocre players at max throw distance, since it’ll move urien out of throw range (and clonk em on the head when they try). Don’t use it too often though as it’s easy to punish (same goes for c. FP)

I don’t think you can tech the karakusa. What happens is that you start YOUR throw first, and Makoto uses her Karakusa to tech YOUR throw.

true. I was wrong about this before and it is just like drunken master says. Apparently that’s how it works :S

oh. Sorry for the misinformation.
HAHA Im glad I didnt start trying to practice teching karakusas lol, I would have been pissed!