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  • Very fast; Walking speed is pretty good
  • Has an Aerial Throw


  • Lacks a projectile
  • Lacks a reliable overhead
  • Lacks zoning resources
  • Lacks potential to juggle opponents


NORMALS: - It should me mentioned none of Cammy’s normals have directional input, so holding a direction does NOT interfere with her animations.

:p: Throw -

:k: Throw -

j.:p: Throw - Causes Knockdown from throw. Untechable? Can be used against Vega’s wall dives and other “jumpy” opponents.

j.:k: Throw - Causes Knockdown from throw. Untechable? Can be used against Vega wall dives and other “jumpy” opponents.

:mp: (close) - Can be used as a meaty. If you hold towards the opponent, it will also double as an option select (particularly against some crouching characters) for a throw since you can also throw with :mp: or :mk:. Also grants frame advantage for obvious benefits. And can be used for tick throws as well.

cr.:mp: - Works as a meaty?

j.:mp: - High priority! It works in the matchup against E.Honda. This also doubles as an option select if you’re holding a direction. You’ll end up with one of 2 results if the result is favorable. Striking in the air or performing an Aerial Throw.

:hp: (close) -

:lk: (close) - A quick couple of frames (if not a single frame) of Cammy lifting up her knee to hit the opponent. This is pretty decent for really deep anti-jump ins. Can also be used against Vega’s wall dives. and whatnot.

:lk: (far) - Cammy sticks her leg out into the air very quickly. Can be used very similarly as the close s.LK in the fashion of a deep anti-air or retaliating against Vega’s wall dives.

j.:lk: - One of Cammy’s jump ins of choice. Allows for crossups into combos.

:mk: - A kick projected at a somewhat awkward angle. Can be used for a spaced out anti-jump in. If able, thanks to Cammy’s walking speed, she can adjust the distance of the opponent’s jump in to properly utilize this. Although, it’s not an entirely reliable anti-jump in. This is also used to punish Shotos’ light Shoryukens. More than an anti-air, it works better off as a poke than it does an anti-air.

cr.:mk: - Easily Cammy’s godsend. An excellent poke for Cammy. I’m not even kidding, just use this move.

:hk: -


Cannon Drill - :qcf:+:k:
Cammy dives at the opponent with her legs whilst spinning along the ground. Pretty safe move if it’s properly spaced out. Can be used as a frame trap to set up another light Cannon Drill. Does “NOT” go under projectiles (except for Akuma’s Air Fireballs and Sagat’s High Fireballs). Sadly, this move doesn’t count as a low attack either.

Front Kick - :dp:+:k:
Seemingly has full body invincibility frames during the startup animations. Obviously used as an anti-air. Not safe on block.

Hooligan Combination - :qcf:+:p:
Cammy launches herself into what seems like a ball (lol, cannon ball) while intensely spinning around. During the animation of the “Hooligan Jump”, she is completely vulnerable until she follows into the sliding kick or the throw. If nothing is pressed during the Hooligan Combination, Cammy will slide down onto the ground with a kick. Supposedly, this can be used as a meaty. If this is the case, that means you can adjust the distance to mixup the Hooligan Combination or Hooligan Throw. If a direction is held + a kick button near the opponent, she’ll perform the Hooligan Throw. With proper timing, this can be used to avoid (and not limited to) projectiles, sweeps, etc; to get in close into the opponent real quick like.

Hooligan Throw - :r: or :l: + :k: during Hooligan Combination
There are 2 animations for this move. If used earlier on, she stradle the opponents shoulders with her leg and backflip-slam the opponent behind her. If it is performed deep against the opponent (chest height?) or catches the opponent in the air (yes, it grabs opponents in the air), she’ll flip the opponent around into the air and then slam them against the ground infront of her. Not entirely sure if this catches airborne opponents. As mentioned, this can be used as a oki mixup alongside with the Hooligan Combination. A common tactic to set up the Hooligan Throw (Although far from a guaranteed setup) is using s.:hp: -> Hooligan Throw.

Spinning Backfist - :qcb:+:p:
Invincibility frames from the bottom to about Cammy’s chest level.

Cammy’s Spinning Backfist has more invulnerability now, it completely goes through projectiles and her lower body cannot be hit by attacks until she lands from her hop, but she can be hit by high moves.

This actually makes it decent to use when you know a low move is coming, because Cammy should go right through it and hit the other fighter twice, but many players prefer to stick with Cannon Drills because even if those are blocked, usually Cammy can’t be hit out of them.

But the main use for this attack is getting through projectiles. The Light Punch version is pretty effective against fireballs when you’re at max range. You can use it to slowly inch your way towards the other fighter and when you get in closer, if they continue to throw fireballs, do a Hard Punch Spinning Backfist to knock them down.

This can work well as a psychic move too. Whenever you sense your opponent is about to throw out a move you can counter with a Spinning Backfist, you can score a knock down and nice damage. Be careful though, because this move can be countered if blocked.


Spin Drive Smasher - :qcf::qcf:+:k:


COMBOS: - Seem to be very character specific

BnB - cr.:mp: -> cr.:mk: -> Cannon Drill (Fierce Kick)
BnB - cr.:mk: -> s.:mk: -> s.:hp: -> Cannon Drill (Light Kick)

cr.:lk: -> cr.:mp: -> cr.:mk: -> Super

j.:lk: (crossup) -> cr.:mp: -> cr.:mp: xx Super

j.:lk: (crossup) -> cr.:mk: -> Cannon Spike

j. :lk: (crossup) -> cr.:mp: -> cr.:mp: -> Cannon Drill (Fierce Kick)

j.:lk: (crossup) -> cr.:mp: -> cr.:mk: xx Cannon Drill

j.:lk: -> s.:mp:-> cr.:mk: xx Cannon Drill

cr.:mp: -> :qcf::qcf:+s.:hp: -> :k:
In this combo, the kick button should be pressed immediately after the Standing Fierce Punch (almost at the same time). When doing this, the Fierce Punch does NOT result in a hooligan throw, but instead a Fierce Punch that combos into Spin Drive Smasher.

Against crouching Shotos, Crounch Strong, Crouch Forward XX Short Cannon Drill is the ONLY Cannon Drill that Combos. Roundhouse AND Forward WILL MISS.

Against Standing Shotos, Crouch Strong, Crouch Forward XX Roundhouse Cannon Drill is the ONLY Cannon Drill that Combos. Short AND Forward WILL MISS

  • jchensor


vs Blanka:
Part of this matchup plays with stopping Blanka balls. s.LP works wonders for this (I wonder of s.LK works as well?). Another way to play this matchup is properly utilizing j.MK to stuff a lot of Blanka’s attempts. Something very interesting. You can beat Blanka electricity with Cannon Drill and Hooligan Throw.

vs Dictator:
s.MP beats out Dictator’s Scissors Kick.

vs Shotos:
j.LK (crossup) -> s.HP (close) -> Cannon Drill works nicely in this matchup.

DISADVANTAGEOUS MATCHUPS: E.Honda, DeeJay, Guile, Boxer, Claw, Sagat (Is this accurate?)

vs Honda:
Unfortunately Cammy doesn’t get along to well with E.Honda :sad: Infact, Cammy wishes that Honda would just disappear! Look for opportunities to move when Honda isn’t doing his Headbutt/Sumo Splash. A lot of this matchup is played with running away, seriously. You can use j.MP to your advantage in this matchup, seeing as this is what you’ll answer back to him with a lot. The j.MP as beats out that 100 Hands Slap thing, along with his headbutt attempts. If you see him trying to Headbutt upon your landing, a Cannon Spike would suffice as your answer. Another answer to Honda’s Hand Slap is cr.MP, it’s your choice, but choose accordingly. The easiest thing for you to do is play a different character in the matchup… Or just slap the controller of your opponent’s hand :rofl:

vs Boxer:

vs Guile:
Cammy isn’t too fond of Guile either. Cammy wants to keep a particular distance to gain position advantage for her favor, but Guile denies all access from Cammy. This matchup will probably be played with a Guile eventually getting to Sonic Boom spamming. Obvious trap says not to jump into Flash Kicks. Actually, the Sonic Booms can be quite the hassle if you’re not ready to handle them. Timing the Hooligan Combinations and mixing them with Spinning Backfist would remedy some of Cammy’s frustrations for this matchup. A knockdown obviously helps Cammy’s positioning as well, so try to snipe one if you can.

vs DeeJay:

vs Sagat:

vs Claw:
Cammy swore she was the most agile and mobile character in the game. Then she met Vega who starting jumping from one wall to the next :looney: Anyway, Vega obviously outpokes and outranges Cammy, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Cammy struggles trying with poke battles and closing distance. Vega’s wall dives can be troublesome as well, considering they’re pretty quick and have to be answered on reaction. A s.LK can usually answer to a lot of Vega’s wall dives from above or you can just perform an Aerial Throw as an answer.




#2 is more of a poke than an anti-air. If you must anti-air with a normal I’d use c.hp for the angle you might be trying for. is GREAT priority. great great great. one of the most underrated jumping normals in general… that shit at least trades with everything. is her best normal. combined with her walking speed, you can tear people up with just that normal.

oh, and hooligan throw is not just kick, it’s forward or back+kick. Kick just cancels the hooligan jump.

and for an anti-air?? really? I use it to try to trade with honda’s headbutt (fuck that matchup, lol) but no real use… if you can’t cannon spike and they’re that deep, use


Notes taken, anything else I should add?


You have got to love the SF community for having the ability to birth such incredibly useful things such as this. And a big credit to SRK for creating this commune of greats.

As a player that is “wanting” to add new characters to their arsenal for battle…it’s “guides” like this that make it so much easier. And makes the gaming experience so much more fun. I commend you Alternate275 for taking the time to put this together…and I want to thank “EVERYONE” who has provided their input which helped in the creation of this guide.

Time to Hooligan Throw some motha -uckaz!!!


I never use Cammy. I’m bad with Cammy.

This is a good thread though.


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