Strategy Guide info

I have an arcade cab in a friend’s basement with hooked to a pc, a DC and a PS2. Most of my friends aren’t AS into fighting games as I am. Since this CAb showed up, they’ve shown some interest and are playing more. I want to have some reference material on hand that they can pick up and look at in-between turns. I’m wondering what the best strategy guies are for most 2-d FGs. I already have the Alpha Anthology guide and the ann ed guide, but we are gonna be playing some GG:AC etc… Just wondering what the “good” strat guides are for other games.

I know the internet is the best, but I’m looking for something easier to pick up in-between matches.


P.S. and good reference for Breaker’s Revenge, lol?

no one?

not really a strat guide for AC as yet but you can check the forums @ for info.

CFE guide is pretty good.
Tekken 5 guide seems decent too.