Strategy Guides SRK Edition

I went through my storage unit today and noticed my old strategy guide for Anniversary Collection. While laughing at some of the ridiculous stuff in it and remembering it came with a 3S soundtrack. It got me to thinking, what are some of the best Strategy Guides out there and of course some of the worst. What are your opinions on them and has the internet made them obsolete. Just thought it might be interesting to talk about since SRK is big into gaming in general.

Imo the best strat guide I read was the Tekken 3 one. I do not remember who did it but man that thing was good. It was like they went straight to the hardcore gamer and made that guide for them. No bullshit combos or impractical crap. Shit has legitimate tier lists for the time and everything. The Oblivion Strat Guide was really well done as well, especially for such a huge game.

Nintendo Power put out a game guide for SMB3 and I was glued to it for weeks. I forgot all about it until I saw this thread. I don’t know how useful or informative it was, but that was my favorite strat guide for sure.

Obligatory Alpha 2 guide mention.

Along with Versus Books’ Nightwarriors and Jedah’s Damnation guides.

The Brady MVC3 guide before Sentinel’s health got nerfed.

Gamepro’s SFII World Warrior Guide.

I still have mine.

I have 2 Capcom Fighting Jam guides sitting on my bookshelf. Was supporting the scene when the new game came out : / we all know how well that went haha

The 3rd Strike Anniversary guide was pretty good tho wasn’t it?

Any strategy guide with a good glossary get kudos over here.

I thought some of those combos were ridiculous at an early age though. That guide has got to be what, fifteen years old if not older now?

It was. Great beginners guide.

I still have it laying around somewhere. Makes me want to find it.

This is a pretty good thread to find a bunch of scans for some old guides: