Strategy Question

n.b. I only recently got this game, and haven’t had much competition other than the two cases defined below.

I often play against two people who play Shotos, Akuma and Ryu, and they are both heavy campers and projectile users.

I’ve found my optimum solution against the camping, which is just pressure game and parrying, but I often find myself wasting time and giving it to them to use to think whenever they use projectiles, just by parrying, especially the Akuma, who likes the three hit one.

I’m wondering how safe you’d imagine using a fierce ducking cross around the projectile would be. (Obviously if they are too far away, I’d just use the ducking part)

But yeah, what are your thoughts?

Unless you master it perfectly I wouldn’t recommend it as a sole solution. I personally just build my bar against heavy campers until they start becoming more active. I know how you feel, but just ducking to approach your opponent isn’t necessarily the best option.

Try approaching them normally keeping you guard up and awareness to parry any random shit they might throw then punish it with HK -> ex MGB, etc when you get close enough.

Thats what I would do.

A beginner Dudley must be patient when at a great distance from your opponent imo.

Some simple yet usefull advice for you!

I was in the same position about a year ago against my friend who was ken, and I completely know how you feel

First of all, if they are camping, you should stand just right out of the shoto dash range. So don’t stand at the back of the screen, and don’t stand with in the dash range. 2 reasons for this, if they throw the fireball, you can jump over and land a fierce or a rh, and combo into the st. rh x ex machine then whatever. Or you could rh. duck dash through the fireball, (after a lil more practice) and cancel it to a corkscrew blow. Keep that range and they WILL stop throwing fireballs, unless they are completely stupid.

So your still standing outside of dash range and building meter with st. or cr. mp. A simple dudley bread and butter tactic would be to jump in (buffer a parry just incase) then right when you land do a mk ssb. Learn to hit confirm and cancel that to super.

hopefully this gets rid of your fireball problem, and a start to the camping problem.

Mash roundhouse for meter. Make the shotos come to you.

Awesome, man, thanks a bundle.

I tried it against one of my friends, and it worked like a charm. Not only has he stopped using the fireball, but he’s also stopped camping as much because if he can’t fireball, then he can’t keep me away as easily (and himself out of the corner :wink: ).

if you want to make him hate the corner even move

do either

c.rh > EX uppercut > hp uppercut

or replace c.rh with any EXMGB type situation

as long as they are in the corner obviously. It does a lot of damage and a SHIT load of stun

yea… turtles get annoying from time to time… expecially those 2. depending on how well they land shoryus and how often the throw fireballs, i would parry/ jump over fireballs and inch forward. and once in jump-in rh or fp range, just go in. ducking fireballs are fun to trick them into dashing forward and giving them an upper/staight or grab cancel, but if youre not good at it… dont do it. patience is definitely what you need in these situations.

normally akumas are easy if you can execute a parry. hes easily punished

ryus harder to deal with cuz he dishes out alot of dmg and is normally the one more likely to turtle and wait for you to slip.

but definitely inch forward and corner them and keep them on the floor. once youre standing over them, youve got a good chance of winning.

Since this seems to be the thread here to ask questions about certain matchups, I need to ask one that will seem really odd.

I’ve been having problems fighting this one Hugo - nothing TOO specific but I just can’t seem to make my mixup work for me. I know Dudley should be able to just walk in like he owns the place against any non japanese Hugo, but I can’t get any sort of decent mixup going without getting greeted with a 360, except for far UOH xx super, and because of how often I use it to avoid eating 360, now it gets parried fairly often.

So as lame as this question sounds, how does Dudley shut Hugo down? Anything abusable I should try? What’s a good way to make him sit still so I can fire out a fwd RH xx Cork or x 2xx Cork or similar things? Any good methods to bait a 360 out of him?

Thanks in advance.

I like f+hp against Hugo… That and jumping in with, then jumping straight up with another, but you mix up the timing on the second Things like that help me with Hugo, and abuse his height. Get in 360 range on Hugo’s wakeup, but then jump back j.hp, and if he did go for a 360, there’s a free punch in the face. Don’t abuse it, 'cause if the Hugo plays well, he’ll probably parry and punish.

hcf+LP all day. Stay out of throw range unless you got some f+MK action going. Use c.MP a lot as well. Get him in a situation where he wont’ be buffering the 360 (if he’s good at doing standing/reversal ones).
Use the hcf+LP, f+MP, and ducking under to get in. when you’re in f+MK will give you a frame or two on block, then you can see how he reacts to that. Both of them are strong inside, but if you’re smarter, you’ll be stronger too. Don’t be afraid to abuse EX Back Swing Blow. Dudely builds meter fast and even faster against Hugo. Bait the throw and use the EXBSB because it’s safer than the others.
Zone him heavily with hcf+LP, HP, f+HP, and standing MK to keep him in the corner.
When he gets frustrated he’ll go for f+MP and c.MK. Parry, duck-under, or jump in then and go for the damage. If you guess wrong during a jump use late or early j.HK. If you go early, land and go for an EXBSB. If you go late, you’ve got some big frames your way and you could go for a mixup.
Same situation if you duck in. Go for the throw, or EXBSB right after.
Basic but works: Empty jump in LP Corkscrew Blow or EXBSB. This works if you get them to turtle with some good zoning with hcf+LP and c.MP. Then you’re more likely to land jump in throw or ducking-under throw.
If you’re low on life abuse hcf+LP ALL DAY. Mix it up with LP, LK, c.MP, or even LP,MP,MK then cancel into hcf+LP to prevent parrying. But if you’re spacing is good, you can be out of throw range even if it’s parried. Be careful of the back swing blows because when it gets parried, you’re eating a super.
ROSE!! If you can throw a rose… DO IT!

^dont listen to this guy lol.

Har har.

Anyhow, then. Any other pointers? I’ve been trying some of this and it works okay so far, though I still need to practice it.

Any other useful Anti-Hugo stuff?

look in my threads, i posted some anti hugo stuff in there…just read like all these questions are answered.