Strategy vs iceman

Any good strategis vs a good Iceman player? I don’t have any projectile assists that could help me rush him down. My usual team is guile(aa), psylocke(aa), Rogue (dash,throw). I play most offensive except against one player here(capcom aa).

The damage here seems to be set pretty high so iceman’s chip damage is about 5% or so. I try to superjump and air dash, but that doesn’t always work. So any good tips vs iceman other than picking another assist.

I see no one respone but that because u really should be able to beat iceman with rogue espically with guil and psylocke asstist. Just keep rushing him down and you have two great assist characters so try to stay on him and play smart man, this is not cable to u should know which way iceman can throw his ice beem. stick and move because he probably just call his assist out and ice beem you, so try not to always call your assist out until he call out his. just stay on him, you know he can’t throw the ice beem up close so I don’t really see the problem. just rush the shit down man u have two great assist so believe me he is playing scared so just keep that in mind.