Strategy Zone Subforums Incorrectly Linked

Recently, I’ve noticed that there is an issue with the forum and the Strategy Zone subforums.

Using either of the two default themes in any browser, if you click on the MAIN STRATEGY ZONE forum link, you will see what I listed in this image below.

Basically, the forums with the standard speech bubble icon are regular forum links and lead directly to the related content.

The OTHER icons, however, are considered links to other forums by most mobile browsers (most notably, Tapatalk). What occurs in Tapatalk is that when you attempt to visit one of these forums, you receive the following:

Shoryuken - Error
The requested page could not be found.

The image shows what the issue is on the client-side. On the admin side, it would make sense that there is a forum editor available and one of the settings for these five forums is simply misconfigured in some way.

The reason why I’m bringing this up is because of the resurgence of 3rd Strike and the number of users who are frequently connecting via Tapatalk. Correcting this minor issue before release will save you (the admin team) a great deal of time dealing with this same thread a hundred times over.

In any case, thanks for looking over this issue.

This has been fixed.

That being said… the** /forum/forum/** url structure is gone and you should not be seeing it anymore. The new structure is** /forum/index.php?forum/**

Yeah, I just noticed something. Now that the old forum url structure is gone, these subforums are showing as /forum/index.php?link-forums/

Also, because of this url structure issue, it doesn’t show any forum information, unlike the remaining forums (Thread Count, Post Count, Last Post, etc). This only impacts the Mortal Kombat, TvC, MvC2, 3rd Strike, and CvS2 forums.

Interesting aside: When you ENTER these forums, the url bar DOES show the correct URL.