Strats against chunli



expert advice against chunli and what to do against turlars


Dont get hit. :frowning:


During the evolution tournament, it looked like daigo was doing a lot of low forwards against chun li players. I think that’s because it has a lot of range and can cancel while not putting as much of your character in danger of a fierce or back fierce from chun li, at least.

What works on chun li players I play (this may not apply to you, but I’m trying to help) is bait the supers. What a lot of them do is cancel the low forward into super instaed of linking, but if you, for instance, cross them up but block low, they’ll probably do a low forward into super and then you can do whatever your heart desires after blocking it.

I’ve seen chun li’s fierce stop dragon punches plenty of times, so I guess just block most of the time since parrying can be risky, and parry when you KNOW a fierce is coming.


anyone have any strats on how to beat chunli?


Yeah, pick someone else.


hurricane kicks own chun li! but make sure u change up the strenth of the hurricane kick . cause, a good player will adapt to the timing and punish. and a good tactic is (full screen) throw fireball, demon flip into the slide attack. or the drop kick be4 u get to the caracter and attack.



that is top tier shit. gotta remember that. :lol:


hey exodus what is that suppose to mean?? don’t be h8in!


How would you go against a chunli that does not attack you that just mashes back a hard punch?


time ur punches to get between them… or parry->punish


Don’t get hit.


If ALL he does is back fierce, sweep him out of it with proper spacing. Be careful when he has meter though.


SAII chuns lack antiair, take advantage of it


standing jab, dash under,, SA2