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starting to play with Kyo. how do you link into his lv2 punch super. i’m having trouble starting it from c. mp are there any other setups?

Use standing roundhouse to qcb,hcf+mp instead.

Extremely good long ranged setup for the super, gives you alot of time to look for a hit and does good guard damage on block.

Do c.short x3, but on the 3rd short, hold the button, and do the motion for the super, no problem.

this has nothing to do with anything but how does k kyo fight against c chun?

i keep my jab uppercuts ready at all times,

but like what offensive and defensive strats do you guys KNOW that works against her. i seem to get caught in a lot of her block strings.

small jumping works good too. what else can you guys add?

level 2 final showdown then new wave smash(qcf fk +fk) then hcb k

Lots of small jump d fp. That crosses over. poke with df hk. learn the timing of the sbk that way you can counter it.

For any character in K groove who can’t duck Chuns SBK, get ready to JD right after SBK ends… they need to cancel a move before they can do another SBK (ie, cjab, cmp, sfierce) so just JD and throw them…

Yeah im working on Kyo but i have a lil trouble with this combo
X-up c.lp qcf+mk mk hcb+hk XXqcb hcf+P…the thing i have trouble is that cancel that is in there what’s the easiest way to a cancel to get that special??

I know all the termknowlegde[sp] not including one thing. When you guys say “XX” or “xxx” or what ever, what do you mean?

Oh, and by the way, I have some problems connecting the hca.rh, qca-hct.ap too.

“X-up” means cross up and the “XX” means cancel…

thank you

X-up c.lp qcf+mk mk hcb+hk XXqcb hcf+P

can this end in any level super or does it have to be a level 3?

X-up c.lp qcf+mk mk hcb+hk XXqcb hcf+P

Well, that is impossible unless your in an EX-Groove

Re: X-up c.lp qcf+mk mk hcb+hk XXqcb hcf+P

No it’s not, u can add a super at the end of his qcf+k move. Wut u could do is his lvl 3 qcb,hcf+p move or his lvl 2 qcfx2+p move and canel it into qcf+k,k and either reset and go for a mix up or dp,hcb+k, or dp+k

yes you can add a super at the end of qcf+k; however, you have a super after a hcb+hk, which is not possible in the arcade. youcan however combo in the super if you leave that part out, or replace hcb+hk with dp+forward kick.

Re: Re: X-up c.lp qcf+mk mk hcb+hk XXqcb hcf+P

No shit. But you can’t add a super at the end of the hca.ak
thats what he was saying you can do.


This combo takes just about half life without a super
and more in rage mode…

J.Fk, S.Fk, QCF+Fk,k , F+FP, qcf+LP, hcb+lp,lp


This is probally his highest damaging combo without a super…

Note: the first part of the qcf chain whiffs but the rest connects…

DMG in K-Groove(rage mode): 8043 :eek: :eek: (Just insane:evil: )


PS: I forgot to mention to do this near the corner…:o

BnB’s for me:

Cr. Hp Qcf k k Dp k or Dp p (if in corner use hcb k) lp lk qcf lk lk (if in corner and have max or level 3 use his qcb hcf special let them bounce off u once then release)


ok no offense, but why the HELL would u do that combo in rage mode. just do the fuckin qcb, hcf+p super after qcf+k, k. also, u can add in the last hit of the rekka combo after the super.

Ive got it

alright try this one

with C-groove

Jumping hk land cr hp, xx qcb hcf mid punch then at the end xx qcf hk hk then dp hk ( or if ur going for the kill instead of dp hk do lvl 1 qcb hcf p )