Strats for wiki?

anybody posting morry stuff on wiki?
any other characters maybe?

I’d be great if JustinK posted about morrigan he seems to know alot.

I’ll get some stuff going, but it’s just gonna be basics for now. Maybe once someone gets the ball rolling some more knowledgeable Morrigan players will start posting stuff there.

Feel free to contribute, DAWOLF57 :slight_smile:

EDIT: Yeah it’d be great if JustinK posted some strats if he’s got the time. I think Dasrik and Preppy have some pretty good Morrigans, too. I’m sure there are others as well…

I was writing this from a while back, mainly for my self. some of the stuff is basic knowledge. Maybe you can add a little bit more to it. (its a work in progress)

Morrigan Strategy
Normals(frame data)

:lp:2 C.:lp:3 J.:lp:2
:mp:6 C.:mp:6 J.:mp:5
:hp:8 C.:hp:6 J.:hp:10
:lk:2 C.:lk:4 J.:lk:3
:mk:5 C.:mk:6 J.:mk:6
:hk:7 C.:hk:9 J.:hk:6

Special Normals

:df:+:hp:5 luancher
:r:+:hk: 11 No use for it.
J.:d:+:hk:10 somewhat usefull, if they get hit or they block this you can call an assist while you are bouncing.

Snap out 4+0 don’t know what that means.
Tag in 16 didn’t know where to include these two.


Soul Fist :qcf:+:p:(SF)
Shadow Blade :dp:+:p:(SWB)
Shell Kick in air :qcb:+:k:(SK)
Vector Drain :hcb:+:p:(VD{lol VD}) Good damage but sets you and your opponent a full screen away from each other and you recover at the same time.


Soul Eraser :qcf:+:2p:(SE)
Silohette Blade :dp:+:2p:(SB)
Darkness Illusion :qcf:+:2k:(DI) Has some invincibility, I’ve gone through
Sonic Booms and Viper beams(blue ones) low attacks wiff against it to.


C.LK,C.HP,SJ LP,LK,MP,MK, end with HP or HK for better positioning or SF for
slightly better damage this cuases fly screen unless your in the corner,
in the corner you can finish with HP,HK and try to OTG your opponent with
a LP on your way down. I know these are basic air combos but its her best
options without assist.

C.LK,C.HP+Ironman AAA,SJ Immidite HK XX DI. Other AA work as well.

LK,MK XX STB Best way to combo into super on her own.

In corner C.LK,Down+back+HP XX SF XX SE Timming is kinda tough on this one.

C.LK+Projectile assist,C.MK,HK XX SE Tron assist works best becuase of the
damage, Storm and Gambit assist work great too.(many others)


IMO the best way to play Morrigan is as a battery character and just
rushdown your opponent and land as many air combos as you can and then switch in a character that can make use of that meter. Only do a super with morrigan when it will finish off your opponent or your going DHC. Morrigan needs to get in close to deal damage so to do this you might want to get rid of your opponents AAA first. Since Morrigan depends on her assists to connect SE and DI, if she happens to be your last character standing you can forget about SE, DI still has some use.

Against Strom:
Against Sentinel:
Try to stay on his head and keep in mind his AA. Your main goal is to land the standing sentinel infinite into SB and DHC early into Proton Cannon or Hailstorm. Unless you can still call an assist in and combo into SE. Morrigan can duck under a :hp: rocket punch, this might help you SJ out of HSF if they get predictable.
Against Cable:
Against Magneto:

Throw set-ups



Yeah you had some info I didn’t have in there. I’ll definitely work this into it, thanks :slight_smile:

For anyone else who wants to contribute, here’s the url:

Good job man.
Can anyone get frame data for supers and specials?

Sorry for the double post, just wanted to ask if you if an opponent can roll after the corner air combo that ends with HP, HK?
If they cant then I think that that combo is the equivalent too storms luanch, SJ HK, AD DF HK, OTG LK, HP which sets up great resets.

Nope, they can’t roll, flying screen limitations are still in effect while they’re OTG.

It does set up alot of very good throw-into-assist resets. There’s enough variety in possible throw setups after that combo that it can be tricky to tech out of even if they think you’re gonna throw.

You can even do an inescapable (AFAIK) reset by ending that combo with a normal jump magic series and using her Vector Drain before they bounce back up into the air, but the timing’s tricky and you can’t combo off of it :frowning: The damage is OK though :slight_smile: