Strats that do involve setting up infinites

Yeah i need some more inf set ups all i have is s.HK sj. d+fp air dash df lk lk u.fp rejump inf…and it doesn seem to always work…some time the d+fp hits them down to fast for me to ad down…so i need some help

Hmmm I find neutral fierce works better for that setup
U could try s.HK, up+FP, ad down LP, up+FP, rejump and infinite
That’s the easiest one for me by far
or one of the Jap setups? such as…
c.LP, c.MP, sj LP, ad forward LP, up+HP, rejump and infinite
I find the jap setup easier on american sticks than jap sticks
but those dam japs can do it so easily
doesn’t do my agetec stick justice lol
Anyway have fun infiniting

A CHEEZY set is if u catch your opponent with sent ground assist on the other side (ie. sent is left, opponent in middle, and u’re on right of opponent), u can jus jump, ad downforward and go up+HK and free infinite hahahaha

Whole new edit:

Timing for Iron Man c.MP infinite starter: As SOON as you press c.MP, do the sj cancel, that’s the best way to describe it without confusing anyone. The easiest ways are either to (keeping in mind that you MUST put the joystick back in neutral before attempting any of these) tiger knee backwards+LP, tiger knee forwards+LK, or just do a plain down-up sj+LP.

^^ :confused: :eek: i use that to guard break:eek: :confused:

any good assist will help you set up an infinite

psyclocke and cyke are really easy to set up with.

plus any assist that stuns them long enough for you to dash in into an air combo is good cuz you can do that fly unfly infinite…i forget what the commands it was for that, can anyone post it up?

Quick note about ending infinite with Protein Cannon: When you get to the corner and are about to finish, just do 2 or 3 infinite sets going straight up, this will space Iron Man far enough for the tip of the s.FP to hit and you won’t have to do any funky timing.

Can anybody post any iron man inf setups using ruby heart’s capture assist?

IIRC, the setup that has to do with Ruby Heart is Launch, sj.LK, sj.uFP, dash up, sj.LK, sj.uFP, fly, sj.LK+Ruby, sj.FP, unfly, land, start infinite with j.LK.