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I have been playing SF4 (AE & Ultra) for just about 5 months. I am now a straight addict. Stoked that I found a local group that hosts weeklys and monthly tournaments.

That’s not what this post is about, just giving some background. Lately I’ve watched a lot of live streams and youtube vids of tournaments, I love the commentary with the games, but here’s some general feedback for those that are involved.

– PLEASE stop yelling into the mic when shit gets real. Its brutal on the ears for the listeners, its blowing out the mic inputs and it sounds bad. I know its an exciting moment in a match, but the wretched “WOOOOOOOOOOO!!” or “OHHHHHHHHH!!!” is a bit annoying and EVERYONE seems to do it! I think if your a commentator, you need to be able to control yourself a bit better, step outside of being just a viewer in a lobby and present the play by play for the viewer. Have you ever heard Chris Colinsworth or Al Michaels do this? During a big play in an NFL game No, they get excited, they ramp up their voices but they never "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? "

-Maybe try a standing mic, instead of the headset? That at least allows you kick your head back from the input and not scream into the mic if you cant control your “Woooos” Take some cues from the network pros that have mastered this art.

–Other notes: Stay on topic! Commentate the fight, dont go rambling about your burrito or your rumbling belly’s wish for one. Talk about the matchu and stay on topic.

–Dont be afraid to ‘dumb it down’ for the audience now and again. Explain some terms, tech, frames, matchups for the layman once in awhile. It might be a little annoying or pointless to hear for the long time FGCer, but newcomers I assure you would welcome some basic info on this stuff. As a newcomer myself, I agree with myself on this.

I certainly didnt post this to rag on current streamers and commentators, I fkng love this shit, and I watch it daily. Im just providing some feedback to try and make it that much better. Thanks for reading. Feel free to agree, disagree or provide other tips you’d like to share.


  1. stop posting and go practice your combos

  2. this isnt the NFL and the commentators are largely not getting paid so who cares

  3. thats boring

  4. well im glad you agree with yourself cause idk what would happen if you didnt

SUMMARY: you’re too new to be complaining about this stuff, get good first


but just cause you’re not getting paid doesnt mean you cant step your game up.


but seriously…

it’s not your fault, you just dont know. I used to be the same way.


The problem here is that the OP is trying to shoehorn something that is from an outside culture into the communities’ culture.

Every competitive endeavour has a culture surrounding it and the FGC is no exception. Through the years, the community has developed its own style of commentary that is admittedly louder and more colorful, just like the community itself. In a way, it’s more WWE than ESPN and most of us are happy with that as we find it more enjoyable.

Take for example the two godfathers of fighting game commentary:



There’s a flavor there that just isn’t available with traditional, straight up dry, commentary.



Also youre viewing streams as a customer, but youre not buying anything. Even if you subscribe to the channel you aren’t paying some dudes salary. This is not some tv revenue money making thing, its ppl streaming fighting games for their friends lol. Its not that serious


I really wasnt trying to change the way things are done. I realize even the top commentators arent making big bucks doing it.
I just wish some folks would be a little more cautious of the mic and its limitations and go for a little more volume consistency. Its possible to still have a reactionary “woooooo” and not blow out the mic.

It seems like the people who rated this post, disagree with that (or with my other suggestions).

So… Going to practice my combos now…