Stream equipment and programs

Out of curiosity, I was wondering what sort of equipment is used or recommended for streams and the programs used with them. I’m also wondering what program is used to make the borders with the players name, name of the event etc. Much help would be appreciated.

what do you mean by streams?

Fighting game streams, such as Spooky.

well if you mean capturing game footage from a console such as a PS3 or an Xbox 360, you need a capture card. I have this one: and am very pleased with it. It accepts input directly from HDMI (so 100% digital signal) and can also record HDMI from HDCP sources such as the ps3 with the version 22 drivers.

It also includes an HDMI breakout cable which connects to the second HDMI port labled “AV_IR” and the cable has inputs for Component, S-Video, Composite, and 3.5mm audio.

you may also want an HDMI splitter which basically takes an HDMI signal from your console and outputs it to 2 or more monitors/TVs. I highly recommend a powered splitter to avoid any issues in loss of quality or input lag.

not sure what software is used to edit the video.

There’s a whole ton of information in the Streaming Guide/Research thread, please search for it. That and another thread is still on the first page.

Oh I feel like a tard now -_-. Thanks sir.