Stream Monsters: Good or Bad for the scene?

I had to ask since, during The Runback I was talking in chat (yeah I know my first mistake), and I just got pissed off at some point, and started calling all the Marvel monsters retards (not my proudest moment tbh). At some point they all started saying if it wasn’t because of stream monsters, the FGC wouldn’t really exist in it’s current form. That got me really thinking, would it be okay if stream monsters didn’t exist as a “part” of the FGC.

Back in Late 09 - Early 2010, I started getting involved with my local scene. I was an 09er. I would get bodied during casuals constantly, and I really didn’t know how to ask for help or advice back then because I used to be really shy (plus most of the dudes in the scene were older than me so that intimidated me as well). So instead I used to look up videos, but I couldn’t understand most of the context because, there was nobody to explain it to me. The later in 2010 the Peaceful Jay Stream was born, and it was a stream where players in general used to watch people play on Xbox Live, and comment and talk about what was happening in game. It was fucking amazing to have all that info at my fingertips. Not just that top players used to pop in from time to time and just talk like regular folks. That helped me feel like I was a part of the community. Any question I had back in the day was usually answered, and it was informative as fuck, while at the same time we were shooting the shit.

Unfortunately around that time is when you exactly pinpoint the first stream monsters as well. Trolls used to come and go all the time in that chat, but one day there were more, and more trolls, and less and less actual conversation. At first I thought it was all in good fun, but eventually it just started getting annoying, and it was the reason I stopped going to PJS permanently. From there it just grew bigger, and bigger, until a lot of these guys just started showing up. Now it’s become a part of the FGC persona, like it is what we actually are. Stream Monsters are what represent the community these days, and hype up the good, and mostly the bad about what we are. A lot of these fools are pretty much caricatures of what the FGC is, mixed in with internet meme spew. I swear at this point most of these fools haven’t ever gone to a tournament, or met up with other players in their local area.

Are these guys what we seriously are catering too? Fuck that, I say we nip this shit in the bud. Personally I say I am all for subscriber chats, and all that jazz… It keeps the idiots away.

What are your thoughts on Stream Monsters in general?
Are you meaning these comments? Some are really trolllike, but I think it isn´t a big deal, as long as there isn´t too much dumb shit.

Congratulations- Your hobby is now mainstream. And this is how it looks like as one. So either stop watching streams, or learn to accept it.

Yeah that shit isn’t too bad. Hell I don’t think trolling once in a while is bad at all. There is a limit to it though, and saying racist, or misogynystic shit should never accepted in the first place.

It’s not like 30 guys spamming a hey spooky story over 20 times, or people in general spamming so much you can’t even read text. The stream was pretty decent the entire weekend, the only bad times were Tekken finals, and a part of the second day during Marvel.

Or close the stream chat.

Stream Monsters only exist to give people in the FGC money. They aren’t actually part of the community.

I liked playing fighting games better in 2008

They’re good in that higher stream views mean better sponsors for majors and on paper at least, better venues, more staff and better run events altogether.

Everything else about stream monsters however, pretty awful.

What’s a stream monster?

A miserable little pile of human feces.

Stream monsters are why chat should be a subscriber only thing on the bigger streams.

There’s “Stream Monsters” and then we have “Stream Demons.”

I’m indifferent to what they have to say or do. They are the main source of that #maxcpm though.

“Adversity makes men, and prosperity makes monsters.”
*-Victor Hugo *

Real shit.
Stream Monsters are the sign of a growing and thriving community. Just try not to become a monster in your annoyance of their presence. Gain a liberal sense of humor (laugh at’em), ignore’em, or leave. There’s no other way around it, unfortunately.

Are stream monsters comparable to the guys who paint their chests for a football game?

Nah, that implies they attend events.

I’ve seen some guys go pretty damn crazy in their own house.

That would be true, but I don’t seem to remember those guys yelling either something racist as fuck or homophobic as fuck over and over again.

I don’t keep up with sports (don’t like sports unless I’m playing) but now I wanna see a big tournament host several sports events at once on twitch just to see how the chat would react.

I wish I could do stuff like Kobe pls but again I don’t keep up with that.

Duke basketball fans yelling “How’s your grandma” to someone who’s grandma had recently died.

Fortunately, those moments are rare. Stream monsters pull off their shit regularly thanks to Internet anonymity .