Stream monsters watch out! Democrats cracking down!



weak. they gonna “study”. just go ahead and say,“Special intrests” groups like always.



As long as they dont take away my hentai I dont give a fuck what they study.


Because let’s face it, There are no bigger issues in 'Merika.


What the fuck?? Internet hate speech??? A study??? Fuck them!!! There is no hate speech on the internet, and they can go fuck themselves! I fucking hate internet studies.


Yes, Your Honour. In the message sent at 1:43 AM, the user weedgunner420 explicitly refers to user ssj3darthmaul as a “super-faggotty balls-sucking dirigible nublet.” In this example, the target is being harassed online regarding his perceived sexual orientation, relative inexperience, and considerable buoyancy. This behaviour is clearly ignorant, discriminatory, and prejudiced; we don’t even know if he’s actually capable of flight or not!


Typical Federal Government. Nothing better to do than to make useless “assessments” and “studies” about topics they don’t understand.


What are you talking about?? I hate you!!!


Stream Monsters don’t sign up for forums and read (threads/anything)

Fuck outta here, you stupid motherfucker