Stream Watching Parties - Any idea about top 8 times?

So I’m hosting like a stream party thing on Sunday, but I have to work until early afternoon (1-ish), so I’m probably at least going to miss BlazBlue and Tekken finals… Does anybody with experience know about how long top 8 brackets for each game take (at a tourney as big as EVO)? The schedule says 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, but I’m wondering if they’ll stretch things out so MK, AE, MvC3, etc. are later in the afternoon, or if they’re going to try and wrap things up quick and get out, so we’ll miss even more. REALLY don’t want that to happen.

The big two Capcom games will probably start at 7 PST, just a guess though.

I’d like to think the big games will be “prime time,” but then again, I’m sure people will be tired and they’ll wanna wrap up. Seems to me that last year, SF didn’t really get going until around 6:00 PM (but that was East Coast time, and that was the headliner). I could be wrong.