Streaming and Controller questions


Hello everyone.

Before I ask my 2 questions I would like to apologise in advance if this is not the right forum for my questions.

To the point: I am considering running a series of fighting game tournaments and seeing that I have secured the venue and streaming equipment, I am facing two problems:

#1: I have seen a lot of times other tournaments’ streams that are able to write the names of the contestants on the fly, during stream time. Can anyone tell me how it can be done? Keep in mind that I will stream using Xsplit (below is the reason).

#2 : USFIV and Injustice/MK tournaments will be ran on PC (Hence the Xsplit streaming). While sticks and Xbox360 controllers are plug and play, is there a way I can force PS3 controllers to work on a PC? Is it worth it?

Many thanks in advance for the time you took to read my post.

EDIT: Just saw that there is a Q&A thread. Apologies =/


Stream Control is your friend.


Really mate, thanks a lot! :smiley: