Streaming and the Art of Publicity


Here’s an open question:

Over the last year, lots of tournaments have streamed content over the internet. Events such as the Battlefield Arcadia series and big series like West Coast Warzone have become very well known due to these streams, with major groups like I Play Winner and Frame Advantage recording major interest for their streams.

How important are streams to the continuation of the fighting game community? Is it boosting the community or just padding egos?


Well streams’ popularity show there’s a market out there for live tournament coverage and also attracts more people who wouldn’t travel to the venue in person to watch, more people watching will attract bigger sponsors looking for cheap advertisement, sponsors will bring in more money and increase the prize pot, the increased prize pot will attract more people to tournaments which in turn will attract more people to watching the streams I guess.

So yus, I’d wager they’re a pretty important tool in helping nurture the community.


It’s important for my enjoyment :tup:
I really like having a stream rolling. Better than most TV.


Won’t matter if its just going to be streaming SF4 24/7. Can go on YT and watch random scrubs go it; exact same thing.

Only if there’s variety.


^ not to much of a fan of current streams anymore, as ive stated before. too much sf4, even when they might have 3-4 other games being played. fuck that. id rather hit up lordaborignes shit on youtube, and watch top players go at it, then hours upon hours of beginners dueling it out on the same boring game. lets see, watch hours of top players on youtube, or watch hours of beginners, with a few appearances by top players until top 8 or 16, on the same slow boring game. honestly, i dont like to watch scrubs period, but at the very least gimme some diversity if i have to watch a bunch of beginners work their way up the ranks of fight gaming.

at the very least gimme diversity. battlefield arcadia 10 is going down now, sf4 is on, but they got tetris, tvc, and mw2 there, but i bet they wont make the stream. eh, fuck that. i can watch better sf4 on youtube in a shorter amount of time, then spend hours watching random vs random, and random vs top player. commentary is always fun, but im over it.


Make whatever game you want to watch on streams more popular and then maybe people will start to consider putting it on. Simple.


^ Easy to say and advocate, but in practice it really is much harder than you seem to think.


I think you’re misunderstanding the point he’s making. If you don’t want a person running a stream to run SF4 the whole time, and run a game you prefer, its your responsibility to make that game popular, regardless of how difficult that might be. It’s not the persons responsibility who is running the stream to broadcast games despite lower demand to view them.


lol, is this a joke!? impossible. there is no game except maybe tekken 6, that can garner the amount of attention like sf4 at the moment. streamers need to popularize other games by rotating shit on the stream. no one can bring tvc, mb, tekken, mvc2, xvsf, umk3, bloody roar 3, to sf4’s status. tekken would be the closest, and there is still a lack of hype and interest in the game in america in comparison to that shit they play all the time now on streams.

bet it that if streams were popular a couple years before sf4 came, you would see cvs2, 3s, mvc2, and whatever else constantly rotated on the stream. i have no fucking clue why sf4 gets so much stream love, unless someones getting a little bit of an extra pay day for having a certain amount of viewers viewing, or for showing sf4 at least 90 percent of the time on the stream, but i find anyone getting a check over streams to be highly unlikely, so at that point then its just a choice most likely, and a shitty choice at that to be honest. people hosting streams need to expose other games to people. when 1000 people are watching a stream, and you say were gonna do 10 matches of tvc, and 10 of tekken, even that little could maybe make a new fan, but they dont even do that from what ive seen.

just went to the arcadia stream again, and its still sf4. i cant say i know why, but i can just say, i dont like seeing sf4 all the time. not to hate on it more, but its completely unworthy of all the attention it gets on the stream.

the fighting game community is sf4, and those other guys now, except for members who were here before this dick riding.


I didn’t miss the point.

It doesn’t have to be a game I necessarily like. The point is that there needs to be more variety period. Its getting just a bit ridiculous. No, no-one is forcing anyone to watch streams or anything but one has to admit that its a bit silly to focus so much footage on one game. It just kinda defeats the point of watching. And I still believe my post is valid. Easy to talk and say but very hard to get across in action.


Why does there need to be variety? Because you would prefer that? 95% of the community plays SF4, and SF4 alone. Like it or not, thats what people want. You can’t change what is on streams without the audience changing first, unless your selfish enough to assert your desire for variety if more important than the overwhelming majority of people who only play SF4.

And really, your post is just an excuse. It’s very hard to build a community? Of course it is, but you either do it, or you look like a loser sitting around complaining about it but doing nothing about it.

On the real, I hate the homogeneous nature of the SF community here too, but whining on SRK and criticizing how other people do things is just as pathetic.


It’s pretty important. Helps people get more interested/motivated to play so they can either be on a stream or be as good as said people on the stream…plus it’s another way for people to watch other players, comment/goof off/joke/network/etc.

I stream shit from time to time. (of course not much seeing I don’t hold tournaments or have casuals with people at the place I stay.) but I mean…I can if I wish to in the future. I don’t get many viewers (and I personally could care less.) but at least I can’.

I’d rather have a small amount of people watching me suck/train in CvS2 than force myself to play SF4 for people to see. Just sayin.


Why does there need to be variety? I think its good for the community, honestly. I think SF4, instead of it being the only thing in the Universe should instead be a doorway for players to get into other, better titles and broaden their horizons. I’d say this even if I thought SF4 was good.

No my post isn’t an excuse, when it comes to fighters I like, I live in a pretty small scene. But I do what I can and I’m lucky to have open-minded people over here to support that. I asked a player that got me into BR after all these years to pick up Melty Blood recently. He’s not used to games like it but I’m sticking with it and so is he. Similarly, he’s picking up TvC on the American release date and he asked me to get into that game. I don’t care for it…but hey, its give and take. I just had a friend from Chattanooga also join us for stuff like MB and T6.

There is no whining going on here. Its a discussion thread where people, you know, discuss shit. Its like you kinda forgot that. My point wasn’t being that scenes are just hard to make for lesser known games (they are) but that people these days are simply close-minded and it really makes it hard to show them anything other than that particular game.


yessss! :slight_smile:



I play many other games way more than SF:4, give me a Virtua Fighter or HDR exclusive tournament please. Thing is though Street Fighter 4 is where all of the money is at sadly.


or just do the easy marketing trick.

Stream the more popular games first, then 1 day switch to something else not popular. People will get interested. If not, oh well.


Can I get that link? The more CvS2 I get to see, the better.

And while I won’t go into my personal opinion of SF4, I will say that I can see why people stream it so much. Most of the community plays it, so they also wanna see it. If the tables were reversed and they were streaming CvS2 constantly and people wanted to see SF4, there would be these same complaints. I haven’t watched a SF4 stream all the way through since Evo, because I’m to big a fan of the game, I usually end up turning it off or finding a stream that I enjoy. I do wish they would occasionally share the air time though, lol. Maybe if they did, more people would get interested in other games.


To me, its whining, because simply saying that streams should broadcast something different ignores everything that goes into choosing what is broadcast. It’s analogous to saying “I deserve to get paid more” instead of taking responsibility for why you aren’t getting paid more.

If you really want to know why other games aren’t getting air time, you should try a stream for yourself. I like MB too, but I’d be surprised if ANY MB tournament had close to 100 viewers. like jimmy said, T6 is probably the only game with the potential to draw in a comparable amount of viewers as SF4.

Fair enough hahaha


It’d only be interesting if top players played those other games played on the stream at this point because 95% of the people who play SF4 can’t execute properly in any other game let alone do a combo. So it’d be garbage players vs good players anyway. Think about it: If Pherai faced oh I don’t know… SF4 EVO entrant #752 in a 3s match, and he is entering because he played it a few times and thinks Ok, I can get through decently at SF4 and played a LITTLE bit of 3s, maybe it will translate to 3s, and he can’t even do short short super or an srk because it’s the actual motion and not df, d, df, he’s probably going to lose horribly.


I know why it is. To me, you going off on a different tangent by simplifying what was said. I “merely” said something else should be on the broadcast. Oh gee, is that all I said? I noticed you only quoted a part of my post. If you’re going to go that course, then why even bother to discuss with me? I do plenty do get people where I live to get on the lesser games I know about; don’t worry. Case in point is that if I didn’t I wouldn’t have anyone to play. What about you? Have you actually tried building scenes during this time frame over games like the ones I play? I’m betting you probably haven’t, or you wouldn’t be saying things like that.

I’m fine with T6 or anything else getting a little bit of screen time; that’s fine. Personally I like Shin Oni’s idea for streaming.