Streaming congratulations

I just wanted to issue specific congratulations to TeamSpooky and IPlayWinner for an excellent experience this weekend, especially Sunday, where you exceeded 70,000 viewers for MvC3, 80,000 viewers for SF4:AE, and over 1.1 million viewers for the day. You all should be very proud of your accomplishments.

I also want to praise the professionalism of all of the announcers, especially UltraDavid, James Chen, and Seth Killian. Now I’m sure that many would then reply that they had an American/Poongko bias, but it’s very hard to remain unbiased when the crowd goes absolutely crazy for winning moments from those players. I even think that Gus Johnson (more popular sportscaster with the young people for those not in the know) gets more biased for the home team than the visiting team, so it’s very hard for me to criticize any announcer for that.

I’m very confident that we’re one step closer to putting these matches on live national TV somewhere. I’ll look forward to that day with great hype. :slight_smile:

Once again, congratulations and thank you for streaming this tournament. I look forward to watching more streams from the fighting game community real soon. (I also hope to get personally involved soon as well, even though I really stink up the joint with these games. :slight_smile: )

Couldn’t have said it any better myself. The stream was great quality and was awesome for those that couldn’t attend Evo this year.

Seeing the crowd for those finals, especially in AE, helps put into perspective how far this tournament series has come along.

Kudos to TeamSpooky, IPW, SRK, and whoever else made the stream and tournament possible. Here’s to 2012!

Mad props to the whole Evo crew and keep up the fine work!!

Amen to both posts above! Everything has been incredible for this year’s Evo and an amazing job done by all involved. Although Tekken is the main series I am good at competitively (5, DR, 6, soon to be TTT and TTT2!), I’ve had big interest in seeing Street Fighter games played competitively at a high-level for a while now and I’ve just recently kinda picked up MK competitively to a certain degree and watching the tournaments, especially the Finals for these were all incredible, especially AE and MK. It was great to see Tekken Tag 2 and 3rd Strike in action too.

I live in England, UK and I’ve watched nearly all of Evo that I could via the streams, basically 3 days in a row of watching from 4:30pm and not going to bed until about 6am! Totally messed up by sleep pattern but it’s been so worth it!

What’s even more amazing is, even just now I see so many possibilities for games at next year’s Evo. A rebalanced AE, MK9 (or possibly UMK9?), UMVC3, Tekken Tag HD, 3rd Strike Online, to name but a few. Seeing Evo this year has convinced me to take further interest in all these games, particularly at a competitively level.

Great stream, great tournament.

Shout outs to everyone who said EVO being on Ustream was a mistake and that it would have awful picture quality. :lol:

Thanks to Spooky for letting me bring my equipment and provide the lighting for the main stream. Seth Killian said to me that it made it look great and very professional, which meant a lot to me. Anything to help the community! Would happily help again.

As a weekend stream monster, I’ve got to give massive thanks to everyone involved.

Keep up the excellent work, gents!

Thanks for the stream, it’s been the best yet. The next step is TV land, which will happen for sure. I will attend Evo next year!

Truly superb, and a big step up from last year. Thanks guys.

Awesomely smooth main stream, great commentary, plus offcast did a great job with 2nd stream and Canada Cup room stream. IPW’s After-hours stream was great too, it’s cool that you guys streamed Broly vs Daigo, Broly has good zoning.

and most importantly, NO ONE GOT BANNED FROM STREAM CHAT. HAHAHA everyone was happy.

stream monsters were usually spamming about how much they liked kayo-police and about marn not being in jail or about players missing combos and dropping the soap, the usual harmless stuff.

But if it was that other stream group you can be sure a ton of us would have been banned, so thanks for not stifling our fun.

you know you want to :smiley:

Amazing stream. Best stream of the year by far. Thanks a lot TS!

I also wanted to give thanks for the great work on the stream: couldn’t have asked for a better job done. Great quality, smooth, great commentary, etc

Their stream didn’t go out during Grand Finals!

Shit, it’s already been a year since EVO 2k10? Really?