Streaming Equipment Help


I’m about fed up with all of the problems with converters and splitters concerning my HDPVR, can anyone suggest another device to help me stream using XSplit and an EVO monitor.


Pretty much anything you get is gonna need an HDMI -> Component converter in the mix for the purposes of stripping HDCP off PS3 HDMI. And you’ll still need an HDMI splitter to split between the monitor and the capture device outputs. That said, you can manage to get low-latency capture with direct feed (rather than the screen capture BS you need to do to hack an HDPVR to work) with a BlackMagic Intensity Pro (which can be kinda finnicky, but I and a lot of people around here use it). More recently people have been gushing about the Aver GameBroadcaster HD, which I need to grab so I can try out myself; lots of people use it as well. If you’re on a laptop, neither of those will work, and you’re a little SOL if you don’t have USB 3.0. If you DO, however, you might be able to use the BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle. It working depends greatly on your USB chipset, though.

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