Streaming from a PS4/XBoxOne/WiiU using a Mac in 1080p60

So I currently have the following devices and I am trying to stream in 1080p60.

  • A really good internet connection.
  • BenQ RL2460HT with HDM1 a PS4 and HDMI2 a WiiU.
  • HDMI Out goes to a BlackMagic Intensity Extreme and connects to Mac via Thunderbolt.
  • I use OBS to stream.

With that above setting, I can get a 720P60 setup working. The BlackMagic device I have only allows Max 720p input/output.

I’m wondering, does anyone know of a setup that can get 1080p60 stream going to Twitch?

I’ve tried using the Elgato HD60, but it doesn’t connect well with OBS.
To use OBS and the HD60 I had to use Display Source or Window Source and those are both hackey and give me substandard results.
Often laggy and coloured weird.

If I recall, the Intensity Extreme cannot do 1080p60. It can do 1080i60 max.

Edit: Quick search shows the Avermedia ExtremeCap U3 is Mac compatible.

1080p 60fps streaming to Twitch will look like complete mess because of the bitrate limit Twitch enforce. Max bit rate they allow on their service is 3500Kbps.

This is why the big streamers in the FGC and even in other genres don’t stream at 1080p 60fps on Twitch.

@eightbitminiboss Thanks! That’s what exactly I was looking for! The Avermedia ExtremeCAp U3.

@SaveFighting You’re probably right!

Also, my question was 1 part wrong. I wanted to be able to set my PS4 on my Monitor to be 1080p. Having to force it down to 720p to stream made it look not good.

Thanks all!