Streaming from iphone/ipod


I was wondering if anyone knew a way to stream the event from iphone/ipod? I downloaded the stickam app but am unable to find the channel with the event.

I am sad face as I am unable to reach a computer atm.


download the app and go to this channel: come, watch and chat on


is there no way to watch it on android that anybody is aware of by chance? :china:

#4 works ok if you’re on Android 2.2 and installed Adobe Flash Player beta.

Slightly jerkier than watching on my PC, but pretty decent nonetheless! (at least while they’re still using UStream lol)


Good looking out.
Shit works good too. Download the app and search for unowner


little late haha, but I was picking up the level up’s ustream off of the android app on my evo 4g