Streaming from My Xbox 360

I want to stream MvC3 matches onto Ustream or livestream in the way SRK does so expertly.

How would I go aboot doing this.

I have a Mac but I also have a PC laptop. My Mac is the one I used for classes at the Uni and my PC isn’t registered for the internet. I would much appreciate a technique that would allow me to stream from my mac rather than my PC

I would hope not to resorting to placing my laptop in front of my TV to stream it.

You gotta take this to Tech Talk

Grab a capture card.

That will let you stream/record any game footage you want with similar quality to the streams you watch.

Is there a Mac specific one someone can recommend me. I figure I would need a capture card but I don’t want to buy an incorrect one

Ok assuming that no one has any information on a Mac version

What is the PC device that SRK uses to stream their gameplay videos?

Get capture card. (preferably one with an HDMI port - Intensity Blackmagic)
Download Adobe Flash Media Encoder. (good for high quality streaming)

Did you even read the OP?

He want’s to use his Mac (I’m assuming laptop or since he didn’t specify if it was a Mac Pro or not) so expansion cards are out of the question.

Your best bet would probably be a happauge PVR then do one of the many workarounds to get it to stream.

Then you probably haven’t heard of the Intensity Blackmagic Shuttle (the external version of the original).:rolleyes:

Intensity shuttle only works on X58 chipsets and is for windows only.

If you have a lot of dough you can get Matrox MXO2 Mini which is fully supported on Macs and uses Final cut pro.