Streaming hdr

WHY in the world are they showing random people in the hall on the stream instead of showing the HDR pools???

why in the world are you so dumb

Why dont you fuck off bitch

2x dumb

because tekken semi’s are going on right now. So that thakes precedence over pool play for HDR. Sadly, but that is the case.

Are you happy now?

holy fuck that daigo vs afrocole match was hype.

Yeah it was. Good shit to cole.

Unnecessary “USA!” chants.

always necessary when usa wins

Is the stream a bit laggy at times for anyone else?

Pretty much every HDR match was like a running highlight reel. Tokido twice did a flip to build meter then immediately hit Afro with an off-the-wall super. Cole versus Daigo had a killer last round.

where can I watch some of these hdr evo 2010 matches?