Streaming PC AE matches and SFXT in the future


Hi all.

Ive recently started streaming my PC SSF4;AE ranked sessions, theses are going to be EU matches as im from the UK. I main T-hawk currently rank 25 trying to get higher :slight_smile:

Theres some footage of my latest session where I have some very good matches against high level players and some newbies…which seem harder to fight with some lag >.>

But ye please check out my channel theres a rage quit hate mail some high ranking play against the rank 1 rog on pc.

Will also be streaming SFXT when it comes to the pc and will be running hugo/??? teams.

My channel is

The sound isnt great in this as im tinkering with the settings but any feed back on the play and stream would be amazing :slight_smile:

Many thanks.