Streaming PS3 Matches via Wirecast question


Hardware: AverTV HD Capture Card, Sewell HDMI Splitter.
Software: Wirecast 3

Whenever I try streaming PS3 matches via Wirecast through HDMI using AverMedia Secondary (HDMI port) as the capture source, I never get a video signal. However, if I stream via component or VHscrcap the picture will show up. The PS3 via HDMI shows up fine using the AverTV software as well. I don’t have this issue when trying to stream via HDMI on the 360, but for some reason the PS3 gives me issues. I’ve even tried changed the HDMI settings on the PS3 to see if it would make a difference.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to get the HDMI working for Wirecast without using VHscrcap? My apologies, if this was suppose to go in another thread.




PS3 uses HDCP over HDMI. Xbox360 does not.