Streaming Software


I want to get into streaming within the next few weeks and I wanted to know the generally preferred software, along with any issues (common or otherwise) that I could run into when trying to initially set this up.


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Thanks. I was going to put it there, but it seemed like that section was leaning more towards physical technology (towers, fightsticks, etc)


My preferred software for streaming is Open Broadcaster ( Its pretty robust and IMO a better option than XSplit. It works really well for streaming most things from PC.


If you want something as seamless as how the PS4 and XBone do it, try Gamecaster by Xsplit, it requires an XSplit license though. For something with a bit more production, XSplit Broadcaster or OBS should do the trick.


you can use obs to record your gameplay too and it creates small files, unlike fraps… plus obs is free


Have you found any issues so far with obs?


Use either OBS or Xsplit. Both are excellent programs. How well they’ll work for you depends entirely on how proficient and experienced you are with using them.


What everyone is saying…

But one if major question is, which capture card will you be using? And what kind of PC do you have?

With that, we fine tune what would be best suitable for you! Remember that the programs are as only as viable as your PC and capture card!

If you have PS4 and/or XB1, just try the built in streaming just to get you started, then upgrade from there!


Sorry for the late response.
I was gifted my laptop, and I don’t know to much about computers. I’ll try to figure this out.
Speaking of capture cards, a buddy of mine wants to get into machinima making, and came to me talking about 99 dollar capture card. I said he should wait and get the Avermedia one, even though its about a hundred dollars more. Would he be fine with the Roxio?

Roxio: [details=Spoiler] ["]Roxio’s]( [/details]


No, I tested one of those Roxios HD’s. They’re barely functional and the quality is horrible. For 40-50 more he could get the Elgato.


ive been meaning to sell my hdpvr. havent used it in yrs cause i switched to pc. its the older one with the composite cables, but still. id let it go for $75 shipped. just pm me if you want it

btw, i noticed on some twitch streams, a couple guys are having their buttons they press show up on the stream. i cant figure out what theyre using to overlay that onto the stream. ive been trying to figure that out for a few days now


Thanks, I’ll let him know.


One issue I have with OBS is that, when you stream and record at the same time, you can’t start/stop one without doing the same for the other.


You can now.



Anyone know how to flip a source? Like a camera? I guess 180 degree on X-axis?

On OBS btw… I have the paid xsplit but starting to like OBS for some reason


I don’t think it’s possible in either OBS or XSplit. You’re going to have to wait fort he rewrite for source rotation.