Streaming the hawk



As the title says ill be streaming the hawk on the PC version of 2012. And im looking to pick up some constructive help/advice. I already have about 1 hour worth of footage with 1 hakan match and a random select with rose. There is TS running in the background and im probly not going to be having that on in the future while playing SSF4. Is my channel feel free to check it out and leave some feedback <3

Not the best but dammit im going to get there! I will be streaming most nights and in the day to.

edit Had another 1 hour session today was alot of fun played a wide range of characters at a decent skill level. Feel free to watch in the archive. I will be hopefully getting a youtube channel sorted later in the week to post these to.


You fellows are great to listen to.

“Oh now I know what you’re playing, it’s a capcom game, isn’t it?”

Probably funniest thing I’ve heard in a while!


Dab is pretty slow at time :slight_smile: Is this forum dead latly? Has anyone got some tips or tricks that im not using? Any tips for the streaming?

Played another hour today some more good matches with 2 against a decent vega and some god dam blankas! Check it out!

In all seriousness would love some feed back :slight_smile:


Just a suggestion as I am no pro but, maybe go for more cross up body splashing on knockdowns?
I have alot of luck baiting out moves I can beat this way ie flash kicks, dragon punches, spinning bird kick…
Moves I know it doesn’t beat Juri’s pinwheel kick and blanka electricity


I only got to see the adon match on your twitch btw so thats what I was going off, here are 2 matches i played against adon where i do what I was talking about…

1:15 of this video

1:35 of this one


Some solid advice there TEfightstands. After some time away playing other games im going to jump back into streaming the beautiful hawk. Got to relearn everything I once knew, been playing games all last week and holding around a 70% win rate, Will get a session up soon hopefully pick up some viewers and some more advice :slight_smile:


Nobody wants to see your noob streams and replays. If you are going to stream or upload replays, find some good enemies here on the forums and play them - then ask for advice. It’s not worth the time watching noobs beat scrubs that don’t know anything about the game and fapping on their BP&PP or 70% (ONLINE) win rate.

I’m not saying this because I want to hate, it’s more like I’d appreciate additional learning material, but I can’t learn from people who can’t do basic tick setups, splash combos or mash SPDs anytime they get the chance.


You have obviously not watched me play green, but ye have fun with this dead forums. Ill fuck off now.


I have seen you play otherwise I wouldn’t have said this.


So you missed it where I do tick throws perform mix up and dont mash spd . All you have done by posting is prove how much of a tw*t you are, you know nothing of my playstyle and even if you did happen to watch some of it why post? Just ignore it and go back to pretending your kick big dick around here.


Maybe Greenflag is going by you taking advice from tefightstands as another reason why you might suck. I haven’t seen you play so I’m not gonna say you’re good or bad but that other guy is absolutely horrendous and can’t play at all. If you’re taking advice from really bad players then most will assume you suck as well.


I’ve stated several times on these forums that I don’t think about me as a good player, but the thing is that I started to accept that and work on it. I do this by watching the replays in the video thread, by asking lots of questions and reading up on several guides we have here.

Your mindset has to change in order for you to become a better player. You have to accept that theres a way higher level at tournaments and you need to stop to think that you are good, just because you can beat scrubs online. It feels like you simply ignore everything that these forums here have to offer.

Watch Kojikog, Garamu or other pro Hawks and compare their playstyle to yours. You’ll see that you are HORRIBLE compared to them and you have to ACCEPT that in order to improve.


Green it really seems you dont know how to read, go re-read my very first post and show me where it says “Yo im the best come learn from me guys” you will find it clearly states the opposite, now ive seen your matches you have posted online and for you to call me out as mashing 360’s and not knowing jump ins is an utter joke, ive seen matches of you mashing out a super many whiffed ex DP’s and just dumb moves. But rather then leave a thread alone that you clearly have no interest in you stroll in and flame,but its ok right because you “dont want to hate” but you clearly do. Im not offering lessons or flexing points, Im just playing the game and streaming it trying to get better. This is the last bit of effort I give to your pathetic sad self.


The match tefightstands watched was a highlight I posted showing a rage quitting Adon player. I was not sure about the match up and felt that the damage from the heavy spd out weighed the risk of the light with mixup as this guy has mashed out DP’s against me before. I take advice I don’t however suffer fools who play like scrubs themselves and flame others. Seems manners are just abandoned on this forums which is a shame.


Sorry mate. Even if my execution sucks as much as yours (which is not the case actually), in terms of game knowledge I am far ahead.

Last time I saw a replay of you you were mashing so hard that you ticked into EX-Typhoons. At least you learned how to tick, now you just need to understand how to use and build meter wisely.

The matches you saw are like a year old. There is no new footage of me. Let’s leave it at that.

All I really want you to do is to invite good opponents when you decide to stream. Check this thread: 2012 AE PC -- Recommending Competition

for decent competition. It will help you improve and it makes your stream bearable otherwise it would just be a waste of bandwith and time.


[media=youtube]863GWfYEY5g[/media] 5 months ago this was taken around 5 months ago I was streaming and yet with the shit your doing in this video you still come at me for no reason and flame in the post. If you dont want to watch or dont care dont post, its easy why did you see fit to welcome a newcomer to the community by basically saying your shit gtfo, when I know for a fact I can play this game at a decent level.

It looks like zero thought goes into anything you type on here. scratch that that list is one mark for you at least. You strike me as a sad individual who has watched way to many tournaments and because you have the knowledge in your head you think you know it all, when in reality you crack and do stupid shit like the rest of us. Your not going to see stone faced solid play from me as im not a pro nor trying to become a pro, all I wanted to do is play the game that I like and stream it. Posted here to see if there was any interest with the take it or leave it attitude and that was that.

You decide to come on in and flame and then contradict yourself to the point where it is laughable. Are the forums that quiet that you have to jump into a thread you obviously don’t care about and show all that teenage angst you have pile up?


I was just about to excuse myself for overreacting and I wanted to explain calmly what I meant by “noob streams”, but…wow, you’re an asshole. You’re not worth it.

Shit I was doing? Explain to me how this was a bad game. I’m interested now. This wasn’t even a bad game by me. At that time this was more than you had to offer in any of your stream games…not to mention that my opponent was solid (which has almost never been the case in your footage).


16 seconds mash out spd
29 seconds no idea wtf that was whiffed ex tomahawk where condor should have been unleashed.
35 seconds 360 whiff
49 seconds no doubt mashing spd again
1min 13 seconds another mashed spd
1 min 20 seconds a terrible tick throw
1 min 24 seconds jabbing wildly for no reason and get kicked
1min 27 seconds level 99 mashing power for the super
1 min 38 seconds pointless medium attack that gets punished

See how easy it is to critic peoples play? yes you did some nice set ups and some other really stupid things. Im not going to call you a scrub you should go read a guide and learn to play. Im glad you were going to excuse your self and its a shame that you dont want to do that anymore but you should be able to see why I bit back after your first post, flying in calling people “noobs and scrubs and declaring nobody gives a fuck now gtfo”, you sir were the asshole. Cant believe after 4 posts you maybe saw that.

Im done with you green flag its over watch if you want to see a decent hawk play watch it if not dont simple as that. Have fun.


You’re pathetic. Half of the things you called are mistakes that happen to almost EVERY player in many many matches. You even see these in tournament play. You have to bait, you have to make guesses and you can be wrong. It’s that simple.

Regarding your “mashing” accusations: There aren’t even inputs displayed in the replay. You simply cannot tell whether I am mashing or not, it’s your random brain issues that cause you to claim that. It is however common sense that you buffer during blockstun. It is also known to most players (except you) that Super has the greatest reach of all of T. Hawks grabs. Super is his best grab, aside from EX-SPD that gives you fullbody invincibility and comes in handy in certain situations. What you see there in the replay is me walking towards him to let him string me for the last few bits of meter. Once Super is ready I fire it off and it grabs him because he doesn’t stop pressing buttons and fucks up his timing. It is risky, but it is the way to go and turn things around. You do try to get SPDs off with the help of blockstun just like Daigo, Poongko etc. are doing it with DPs, you just have to be careful and not sit there and go crazy on your stick which I didn’t do. Another thing is not to get predictable with this. You can’t do it too often.

29 seconds is supposed to be Hawks BnB, which of course you don’t know (what a surprise) Splash, st. cl. MP xx (EX-)Buster. I just fucked up the combo but no, it is not Spire that should have happend. I don’t use Ex-Spire in combos so far, I always go with Buster. Why? Because it causes more stun (double if I remember correctly).

35 seconds yup, cannot get him without a dash

49 seconds nope, false accusations again. ex-spd grants me fullbody invincibility so it is a good way to escape his pressure since, as you can see, he dashed right into it. even if I were a bit late and he started molesting me again with a combo he would’ve been grapped because he was pressing buttons. As a good grappler always buffers it enables you to react to it in time.

1 min 38 seconds you do this to bait, yes it went wrong because I was too close. st. mp is quick and has good range so if he spaces wrong you can punish him for it.

All you basically criticise is that I mash, which you can’t tell, because there are no inputs. Everyone does mash once in a while, it would be ridiculous to claim otherwise, but calling everything I do random and mashed just because you can’t find anything else to hate on, no mate. Just no.

So yeah, shall we get a replay of you in here (ofc from 6 months ago) to see how you do? I bet you don’t mash, have clean inputs all the time and you of course don’t whiff a single 360? It was you who started this shit, all I tried to say was that it is pointless to stream you beating people who have no fucking clue about the game in ranked mode. If you want to level up, you are going to have to play longer sets against good players which is an easy thing to setup for a stream and it would be enjoyable to watch and even motivating people to leave feedback. This is what I said earlier but you got it wrong and instead of asking you started a flamewar.


I think the damn problems with this character lead to these kind of arguments. He’s so weak that each of us has developed this ego about how we play Hawk and how we succeed/don’t. If Hawk was better and every Hawk player had more success there probably wouldn’t be such an emphasis on who barely won with these silly tactics.