Streaming with the dazzle

Hey i am trying to stream with the dazzle. I dont have a mixer but i am using virtural audio cable to have the audio come out on the stream. problem is i am not getting any audio at all. Only time i was able to get audio come out on the stream is when i open a video on my pc and the audio comes out on my stream on anybody have any tips? i am using FME as well.

you need to use audio repeater which comes with VAC. Set the input to the virtual line and output to speakers(or headphones).

FME is not a great tool. I suggest you look into Wirecast or XSplit (Beta). This allows you to use the device’s audio instead of the mixer.

care to link me up? for xplit

i think i found it

Xsplit is prone to be extremely buggy and has lots of issues conflicting with other programs. I won’t use it for tournaments as it is highly unreliable, but for casual play its alright.

Xsplit is extremely buggy at the moment. But, it’s in Beta which is understandable. As for tournament wise. I’ll invest in Wirecast. But, casual. Xsplit for the meantime or a capture device like Manycam.

installed xplit would i need anything else? i cant hear my audio…