Is there going to be a live stream like last year? That held up pretty well if I remember correctly.

I want a live feed too…:confused:

The evo dvd is only the finals so why not put up the pools and semifinals:looney:

3s is starting now isn’t it…

yes, im curious too that would be great and exciteing,( like last year:woot::woot:plzz guys

I’m assuming, if Omni was trying to recruit someone to help with a twitter, that there will be no stream. Since really, a stream would trump a twitter account handily.

i think they should have a stream but for premium only. seeing as how the stream would cost money to put up and if it was open to everybody it would just be a waste of money.

no stream, sbo also. :[

what are you talking about?!?!

for prem members?!

dude last year they did it onn some stream hosting website. i saw lims for GG and CVS2.

whatever as long as i see Toan and potter MM its all gravy.

u sure? :mad:

yup no SBO feed this year indeed

thats what people get for recording and posting that shit on every video streaming site, shit like that deters people from buying the dvd

get on with the times pls
give stream for the world… should benefit your sponsors too with wider exposure

also no live updated brackets is making Evo invisible.

buy the dvd!?


but are group matchs on the DVD?

Is the DVD just going to have the finals of ST?

DVD is only finals which weren’t streamed last year.

Not to mention the DVD has way better quality then streams. To me its no different then watching the Ball Game on TV.

Should at least have updating brackets.

I wonder if people who say, “buy the dvd,” steal music from the net. Just curious

I would rather watch Evo than the Olympics. :rofl:

Man. This is crap, especially with SBO. Charge for the stream if you have to in the future. Theres next to no hype when it’s not live. When I have to wait 6 months for a DVD for EVO or SBO, I might as well wait a week more for people to put it on youtube. Is it right? No, but everyone does it, even if they don’t own up to it.

Ad supported streams maybe?