Streamlining a SF2WW Cabinet?

I have a (I think orriginally Centipede) SF2WW cabinet that due to space reasons, I’d like to restore and shrink the footprint. I’m still new to the arcade cabinet scene - currently have two (Blitz 99 4-player :amazed: also). The item that I think is taking up the most space inside the cabinet (I’ll look again sometime this week, its been a few months since I looked inside) is the screen - which has color issues anyway.

I’ve been thinking of replacing the current arcade (I assume VGA) screen with an LCD so I can thin out the structure. Does anyone know how I would go about doing it? Is there a special board I’d need or cable to make the switch?

EDIT - I’d also be curious about a similar operation for the Bltiz 99 screen, but that one I’ll pass on for now as the SF2WW cavbinet is busted anyways…

I’d really appreciate any help I can get on this…I’m in short moving in with the GF for a while and if I don’t want to toss my machines, I got to cut down the footprint so they will fit (or pay an exorbant amount of money for storage).

Thank you

Personally, I’d sell the cab and build a thinner Vewlix clone around an LCD screen, especially seeing as modifying the existing cab could possibly entail just as much work.

No one would buy the cab in its current condition and I’m planning on building a new cab entirely and swap out the guts, however for me to do that , I’d have to ditch the pre-existing - and crappy screen…which leaves me still asking about converting the screens.

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You’d need this or something similar, as I don’t think most LCDs would take any of the old arcade resolutions native:

That being said, if it’s in bad shape I’m not sure how much sense it would make to do so.