I play alot of League Of Legends, and there are several sites that have lists of all the available streams to watch.

My question is: is there an area or a thread on this site that has a list of all the streams that play SSFIV: AE and MvC 3?

I know SRK front page has a few listed on the sides, but I meant more like a list of all whether they are online or not. Maybe some youtube channels to subscribe too etc


just search for SSF4 on JTV or w/e.

If you go to the Peaceful Jay stream (, the bottom of the page has a couple of channels that you should be following, so I would recommend checking that out. As far as Youtube channels go, a lot of that is going to depend on personal preference in terms of what you find useful and/or interesting, but the Team Spooky and LevelUp channels are both good for finding good match videos from their respective stream archives ( and

That should give you a good start, and as you start looking around on your own, you will find other channels and streams that appeal to your interests (a certain game, a character you are trying to learn, etc); there is definitely plenty of content out there these days, so have fun exploring it.

Thanks for the replies, very helpful!