Streer fighter x tekken or MK 9?


Alright so I’m really hyped up for these two games. Ive been watching YouTube videos for both of these games and I’m kinda already leaning toward MK 9 but I’d like some other people’s opinions. Which would you pick? And which one do you think will be more popular? (because more popularity means more online players)


I’d think MK9 is a no-brainer seeing as how we’re not going to see SFxT for another bajillion years, and MK9 comes out in a few months.


Not to mention, MK9 is really fresh. I think a lot of people, even people who traditionally don’t like MK, are itching to see just what it’s like.

SFxT is essentially SFIV with some guest stars based on what we’ve seen so far.

Personally, I’m more interested in TxSF than SFxT.


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The games come out far enough apart for it to not really matter. SFxT won’t be seen until at least 2012, and it’s not like we have any real information for it. MK9 on the other hand drops pretty soon and we’ve got most of the cast, its features etc etc.

Personally, I’m more hype for SFxT than MK9, I was never really a fan of the other MK games so it just doesn’t have very much appeal to me at the moment.


Never liked the Tekken games.

MK9 is what I’m ready for.


sfxt all the way, mk doesn’t do anything for me


I’m going to say the lesser of two evils is SFxT. I haven’t played Tekken since Tekken 3 & Mortal Kombat since Mortal Kombat II.