Street Fighet Alpha - Warrior's Dreams

This game was hot back in the day. Too bad everyone abandoned it for the more balanced and skillful Alpha 2. Still, this game is close to my heart.

Anyone still get down on this game? I haven’t seen one in an arcade in years.


Still have my copy for PSX. Was fun at the time but yeah Alpha 2 and 3 are superior.

Yeah, it was fun, played it for a while on GB.

And is it really that hard to spell “Fighter”?



I remember when I first saw this game, I thought it looked and played like shit. I was pretty much oldskool and only liked the CPS1 style of graphics and found the cartoony graphics of Alpha to look fake and that Charlie was a rip off of my fave SF2 cast from SF2 WW Guile.

Then I played it and loved it and never went back to ST. I really loved the alpha counters and my favorite character was Charlie & Birdie. And at the time I thought I was amazing and other people too when I figured out I could link both of Chun Li’s supers together :smile:

It was quite popular in Australia here at the time.


Ah man, that’s dope. Man, I loved this game. I remember when people would combo Chun’s supers, or combo Charlie’s. That was dope.

I loved the graphics. All anime and whatnot. Man, I wish this game was around:(


Yeah, I don’t know why alot of ppl hate this game, I thought it was more fun then the older Street Fighters at the time.

I think I will buy the arcade PCB just to own for oldtime sake and remember the fun I used to have with this game. And @ $55 its dirt cheap.

The reason I wanted a PSX was for this game. I hadn’t gotten into the whole 3d era yet. So I got a Saturn for X-menCOTA,Night Warriors,Guardian Heroes, and SF Alpha.

Akuma,Guy,Rose, and Ken was some beast in that game. But I like how Charlie plays on A2 because he feels more like Guile then on A1. I think that the backgrounds and chain combos did it for alot of ppl.

And plus Ken’s music sounded real good on A1 :karate:

Mr. Hadoken,

Man, Saturn was the shit back in the day. Felt like you really had an arcade at home.

Anyone know where to find match vids for this game?

I think they’d be dope to see.


i heard from somewhere that people who owned the arcade board of sf alpha1, could trade it in for ST, thats why i think there isnt many A1’s around, most have got ST.
and i dont think you will have much luck finding any alpha 1 matches lol.

You know Toxy, I think people could trade it in for Alpha 2 when it came out. But maybe it was ST:/

Yeah man, I bet no vids exist for this game except TZW stuff.

Game was cool. I’ve never seen a Guy redizzy in real combat. Bummer.