Street Fight V compatible Stick for PC


Does anyone know what Sticks are compatible with the PC version of SFV. my 360 sticks broke. all i have are PS3 sticks now. when i played the beta the only stick that would work with it was the broken 360 stick and i had and a 360 controller. I also have the xbone KI stick but that also doesnt seem to work on pc. it works fine on my xbone but on pc most of the buttons wont work


All of them?


From what I remember most X360 sticks should work on PC. A few madcatz sticks will not work unless you get so USB adapter-thing. I personally used a Hori stick when I was playing USF4 and had no problem. I doubt it would have any issues with SF5


360 sticks should work fine. Ps3 and ps4 Madcatz sticks will get a firmware update so theyll work with sfv on pc. For other ps3/ps4 sticks like Hori youll need 3rd party software to make them work on sfv pc, software like xpadder. In essence every stick will work on pc, some work immediately, withnother itll take a bit of fiddling.


Thanks thats the answer i wanted. so now i dont have to buy a new stick


Your ki te2 will also still work on PC. I had the same problem after i upgraded from win7 to win10 so to fix it you have to go back to an older device driver. The te2 should be listed near, or at the bottom of device manager as an “Xbox gaming device”. Right click on it and go into properties, then on the driver tab choose update driver. Choose browse my computer for driver software then click let me pick from a list. The next screen should show 2 drivers to pick from. Select the 6.2.11059.0 version and click next to install the driver. Compatibility should then be restored minus the trigger buttons that have never been enabled anyway. I do not take any credit for this fix as I read how to do it somewhere online and this is assuming you are running Windows 10. What I don’t know is if the ki te2 stick (fixed driver) works with street fighter V on PC? Did anyone try it on the beta? Thanks!!


I have a ps3 MC Te-S. Will it work for the pc version on the game? I’ve heard (from twitter) that at first it won’t work on PC and we have to wait for a MC driver update…
It’s seems strange since I already play USF4 and my pc recognizes the stick.


Yeah, that’s because somewhere between USF4 and SF5 Capcom forgot how to implement DirectInput support (despite the PS4 version obviously needing it). Not enough ginkgo biloba I guess. You can use an XInput wrapper like x360ce or something in the meantime (should be easy enough to Google and get setup) to have SF5 recognize your stick until they implement proper DirectInput support for SF5.


It’s very simple on PC these days.

Is it Dinput or Xinput?

This game as of the last beta only supports Xinput but they claim Dinput is on the way.


Thanks for x360ce. Is this software a better solution than joy2jey?

Dinput and I hope it will arrive soon :expressionless:


I was looking at the Real Arcade Pro V Kai. Supposedly works fine. Right now unfortunately I’m using an Xbox One controller.


I’m rocking an MC Cthulhu so I definitely feel you man. Though I definitely wanna add a Brooke PS3/4/360/Xbone converter in there for maximum compatibility.

Also really hoping and praying for hotplugging like Skullgirls.


Yep, this would be the best. But I don’t know if I want to spend 90$ now. Don’t think the Dinput upgrade will come too late…


I have a Madcatz TE2 ps4 version, how do I make it work with steam/sfv?


At the moment only x-input is supported. You need to have a 360 or xbox one controller to natively use an arcadestick/gamepad for PC SFV. There are plans to add direct input in the future, no set date yet.

The work around is to use a third party program such as x360ce or joy2key to get deal with this issue but Capcom kind of screwed the pooch on proper controller support / keyboard support for PC users.


Any info on which one is the best as far as minimal input lag is concerned?


Honestly I don’t know, sorry.


People say that x360ce is better than joy2key/xpadder, but I’m not sure if science has been done.


thank you for the info, i hope there won’t be too much lag -_-


old versions of PS3 sticks don’t work with newer motherboards, to make them work you need a USB expansion card that fully supports legacy usb 1.1. i have one in my trunk i can take a picture of that works if needed, i had to use it before i modded my stick with ps360+ .