Street Fighter #10 August solicitation


scroll down for the covers for #10 including:
Super Street Fighter II gatefold by Alvin Lee
Fei Long by Jo Chen
Cover B by Andy Seto

they’re lookin gd


All 3 variants look like they’re going to rock & I bet that Fei-Long one foiled will look totally awesome!
Thanks for the link #10 is going to be a sweet set for my collection:)


They haven’t even released Issue #8 yet, but they’ve already made cover art for issue #10??


Man that Alvin lee cover looks mega ultra rad! Yeah usually you have to get ahead of the game when doing comics. 8-10 are probably already drawn. Depends on the funds.


Woo! Andy Seto doing the back story in that comic? Alright! I am pleased!


Andy Seto! Fei Long Foil! Me Happy!


Oh, Jesus – those are all looking friggin sweet! This looks to be my favorite set of covers so far. Thanks a lot for the link!

Looks like Blanka’s gonna be in this one, as well as more Cammy. The backup story sounds cool.



By FAR the best covers so far…other than the Shinkiro one, of course;) .

Storyline looks promising too. I was wonder how you would tie in Blanka. And VEGA’S BACK, BITCHES!!!


I don’t know about the power cell (Shinkiro) cover… I’ve never really liked it. Does anyone else feel the same way? I always thought it was the worst foil, the second worse being #4 with Guile. They don’t seem to sell well in the shops I’ve been to, nor on eBay.



any body know where I can see the number nine covers?


I personally believe that Shinkiro’s cover was one of the most eye pleasing the detail was sweet, would have preferred it as a foil but oh well Still very very nice:cool:

I think Fei-Long’s one actually looks to be the most detailed cover so far…

As for #9 the last topic’s link now has the X’s for the images in the link, That Vega one I won’t see for another 2 months now :frowning: lol


Ohhhhhh, I see. When is Issue #8 coming out, btw?


Udoneko said that they should be in stores June 9th:cool:

Here’s a link to the topic:
Street Fighter #7 Foil

Atleast we don’t have to wait ages for the Sakura power foil, I know one of my forum buds will be ecstastic about that:D
Hopefully no schedule changes hopes