Street Fighter #11 covers and info

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by Ken Siu-Chong, Lee, Tsang, & UDON

Chun-Li says goodbye to Gen and Fei-Long to pursue Shadaloo’s operations. However, she does not foresee her mission leading to her crossing paths with the very woman who was responsible for her father’s death: Cammy! How will Chun-Li react to meeting her father’s murderer, even if Cammy has no recollection of the crimes she had committed during the life she once lived? Find out in “Chun-Li vs. Cammy II!” Plus, artist extraordinaire Josh Middleton (New Mutants, NYX) brings his amazing talents to a story illustrating the first fateful meeting between Cammy and Rose!

COVER A-FC, 32pg $2.95
COVER B-FC, 32pg $2.95

nb the josh middleton cover is not final, supposedly.
finally, the street fighter alpha gang, hehe, alvin lee still rules

and cammy jo chen cover :eek: i think this’ll b the second foil i get

enjoy peeps,


i quickly joined covers 10 and 11, it isn’t a perfect join, but its just a basic idea, looks pretty cool

now a wide scope poster…that’d b cool

Middleton is awesome.

But isnt his exclusive contract with DC in effect already?


Also, a joined poster would own. Especially if it was about 3’ tall!

Thanks for the posts guys. Nice little update. The covers look great, and the hint to where the story’s goin rocks. :slight_smile:

He probably signed on for this before he went exclusive.

Hey! They used part of my idea!Cool!:smiley:

:eek: The alpha gang cover rocks! And the Camm y foil is awesome! And they actually are going to explain the whole Rose/Cammy meeting. And Gen too! I love you so much,Udon. Sorry,this is too much to take in! Can’t wait for the ‘bad guy’ cover to link with the others. I MUST have a POSTER of this !

However in the Alpha cover there are two characters missing:
Eagle & Maki

Eagle and Maki were never in alpha. You are thinking of capcom vs snk 2.

Actually, they were in the GBA version as hidden characters.

AWESOME. I can’t wait for the third part.

Also, is the Alvin Lee cover NOT going to have a Street Fighter logo? I know this seems like a ridiculous question (of course it will have the logo!), but just making sure.


Nice i hope it can be also nice at the end…

Cool Another time Chun-Li there :smiley:

I fucking love Middleton, omg that is so fucking awesome I wanna preorder that shit so bad

It doesn’t really need a logo that much. If it does it’ll be on the last part of that cover merger (in the bottom corner I bet).

You should see the Transformers Armada 3 issue cover. I didn’t realise it joined until the guy at a shop told my brother (I don’t read Transformers). And what was funny is he came out with “More than meets the eye” which was a good joke I thought…you had to be there…

Anyway, the covers look dandy. Cammy looks good although I much prefer Ryu’s foile (me being a fanboy) and the Fei Long one.

As always I’ll be buying them all, and probably 2 of that stretch cover.

And yep, a poster would be AWESOME!!!

here this one’s a little cleaner.