Street Fighter 15th anniversary edition joystick for ps2 and original xbox question


I have a 40 GB ps3. Can the 15th anniversary joystick somehow work with it and if yes what is the best way to get it to work with my ps3. Any help would be appreciated.


go to the converter thread


Yeah, you will have to open up your stick and see what version it is. There are 3 different versions. They differ by the voltage they use from the PS2 port. There is a 3.5v, 7.5v, and a 8v PCB. It will be labeled where the cord going out of your box is connected to the PCB at that white wire harness. Look closely and decide which one it is, and then look at the converter thread and figure which box will work with your stick. SFAE is a shortened form of Street Fighter Anniversary Edition, so look for that.

Note* when looking near the wire harness, ignore the 5v, that is for the xbox.

Hope this helps.



im there all the time sometimes they dont have the answer, fortunately this one is simple. there are 3 sure fire options. pelican ps2-ps3 it is hard to find and super expensive depending on where and when u get it. REAL ps2-ps3 is super rare but it likely will work, and lastly inPin adapter works with everything so far and it is the best option. get it from . i have not seen anything for xbox converters really that will help you. so, just use the ps2 port.


I use mine for PS3 and PC. Works great.