Street fighter 15th anniversary stick help?


I just bought this off craigslist and its not working on my ps3. Im using a pelican ps2-ps3 adapter and it just keep going up and down and buttons are being pressed automatically. I opened it up to check any loose wires but everything seemed to be in tact. Anything in particular I should check for.


let me try to help u b4 the raged forum nerds get a hold of u… try this thread and this thread
they should be able to give u some tips about how to distinguish certain things…


Test it on a PS2 first. Then come back and tell us what it did.


but bob what if he doesnt have a ps2?!


I have a hori hrap 2 SA and it works fine on the converter


Go to a friends or rent one.


The color of the PCB. If it’s green and doesn’t work with your Pelican then please report back.


i was jk… but seriously rent 1? from where?


Video Rental Store.

Lots of places around here rent consoles.

Or at least they did, I rented a Saturn and a Dreamcast before.


replace the main pcb, joystick and buttons in it. cheap bao-lin crap anyways. thats what i did with mine.