Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Stick?


Are these any good/Are they worth $60? any notes on durability/mod potential? I’m talking about this:

I’ve been wanting to try an american-style stick for a while, that’s why I ask. One of these popped up on local craigslist.


Please do a Google search or use the Site Search engine as recommended in the Info Thread…
This joystick has been talked to death about.


I wouldnt buy it unless you are a collector of SF stuff, everything I’ve read about that stick is that it was very poorly made.


change the buttons and stick, then it’s good. :stuck_out_tongue:


Some models had Happ sticks.

Also, you can change the buttons to 30mm snap-ins without cutting.


The SF Anniv sticks I tried were not that bad.

Happs/ IL parts are perfect drop in replacements for parts and its easy to mod.
I would get IL parts over Happ if you can.


Excellent case but the stock parts are garbage, but that stick is hard to find for under 80 on srk and 100 on ebay…etc. Durability I’m not so sure about, the materials coulda been better.


$60 is a good price if you can get it. It is unlikely to have Happ (iL) parts unless the user modded it. We do have a thread on this that is a mile long.

Also, here is an art template that people keep PMing me for. It was hosted on Megaupload so it got zapped.


My mod of this stick




I think the only reason to get this stick is if A) you’re a hardcore Street Fighter fan; and B) you can’t live without Happ/iL parts.
I’m not an American arcade parts fan – I HATED the sticks and buttons used on North American arcade machines – so I’m not the target base.
The stock stick itself has the issues of part reliability (BAD) and the original PCB being problematic (think Mad Catz R1/R2 joystick level of reliability or worse). Otherwise, this is the closest besides the MAS sticks to a mass-market American-style joystick.

“Porkchop”? I don’t get it…

There aren’t even any curvy little girls in the art, either!


i think it’s something to do with sentinel and how one of his attacks looks like a frying pan when he hits you with it…


Exactly as chuu said here in Puerto Rico some of us in the community call sentinels frying pan “la chuleta, el chuletaso” the porkchop.


How easy is it to swap out the buttons and stick to Happ parts?
I’ve played with Horis and TEs long enough to pop those open and make the switch (not to Happ parts obviously), but I’ve yet to open this particular stick up. Anything tricky with the Anniversary stick I should be aware of?


Use this as a guide.
did this mod about three years ago and the place I got my parts (lizard lick) has shut down. I believe you can get iL or Happs parts from Paradise Arcade. It really helps to have a multimeter because even the stock wiring was a little shoddy.


I bought this at gamestop when they first came out for $50 i believe. Stock parts were bad so i eventually swapped them out after the pcb died. Right now it has competition buttons, Happ Perfect 360, and ps3 cthulhu. Basically the marvel 2 setup people used to love. If you can get one for a decent price go for it. It’s a collectors item at least.


wow how did you put a JLF in that Stick I heard it was basically really hard


it’s not hard to put a jlf it it. you could take off the jlf mounting plate and use some wood screws to mount it with the 2 holes the jlf has. I did that for a friend in illinois back after the first came out and the only place i could get sanwa stuff was himura games for ridiculous prices. fun times those were


I just copped 2 of these for 125. I wanna mod them. What’s the best joystick for this? Late pass


Which [American] joystick do you prefer?