Street fighter 15th anniversary stick

so i have a 15th anniversary fight stick, That i love to death

but i havent been able to find a ps2/ps3 control converter that works with the ps3…i saw the new 20th anni one and i didnt like the fact that it wasnt bat top joystick. Does anyone know a converter that will let me use it… i also have MvC2 Snk vs capcom 2 etc… so it would be awesome to use my original stick thanks

also i did try the pelican one and i had no luck what so ever


Did you even try to search? Maybe even read a few thread pages in?

And did you seriously need to bump your own post? It was only an hour old…

sorry im new to this forum thing in general i have been out of the country for about 10 years and just got back in state.and i Didnt mean to bump my own post

Welcome aboard - and sorry to come across so harsh, but there have been an exponential increase SRK’s membership over the last few months (me included) and most of those people tend to post threads without lurking around first.

Glance over most of the thread topics/titles to see if someone’s posted what you need. You’ll find that 99% of the info you need has already been posted before. You might want to go back a dozen or so pages. Threads tend to fall of the first page after a few hours due to volume. Check out the stickies too.

You can also use an AXISdapter to make your stick wireless. I did one (not sure if anyone else has tried):


works perfectly with the sfac stick pcb and regular psx dualshocks as well as mas sticks. They’re cheap, but the catch is that they take close to a month to arrive. Also you have to push a button on the converter every time you start up the ps3 to make it select a controller port, which for me is annoying because i’m lazy. Definately worth they wait though.

hmmm is there any lag on it ?

well played jizzmirk

jizzmirk-im sorry i didnt realize it, i should have browsed around before i posted something im pretty sure almost everyone posts the first time…I do have a question tho what converter did you use before you made it wireless?

Mine never took even close to a month to arrive. It was actually quite fast from Hong Kong. But you don’t have to press the PS button on the adapter, you can press up and the select/back button on the anniversary stick. Just make sure the PCB in your stick is 3.5V.