Street Fighter 2 and CE memories from EGM 1992!

well it took me about 3 total hours to scan the mags, take dslr high res photos, and upload them. take a look back at the fury that was sf2 in all its printed glory, including the first appearance of the infamous sheng long in these scans :slight_smile:

NOTE how corny and “nerdy” EGM was before the editors became sarcastic starting in the mid 90s. once gaming went mainstream, they stuck up their noses to hardcore gaming fans. read the page where the kid talks about seeing sf2ce for the first time and the editor makes a joke about becoming a west coast spy for the magazine.

and two more, with a nice “the way to play the hottest arcade games at home” tshirt made from a capcom 1992 super nes ad

I love the summary of SF2:CE lol. I guess Capcom of JP didn’t listen to the “sunnyvale” players compliant about Dictator cause there still isn’t any equality!!

fucking awsome thnx !

Some godlike memories. Thanks for this.

i printed these out and posted it at my nearby arcade. hah, ppl still remember these articles!

I like EGM’s claim that they knew everything there was to know about the game in 1992, lol.

Great job scanning these articles! I remember all of those covers as a kid.

Takes me… sniff back…

These issues of EGM were the prime reason that i got into street fighter in general thank you so much ='D

the span of these few years put arcade games back to red hot popularity like the days of pac-man and then donkey kong. it was awesome to have lived through that! too bad we didn’t have internet then or else we would have a lot more social media going on for this hobby (arcade competitive gaming) but on the other hand, magazines made news a lot more special

This is awesome!

It’s funny seeing how much of their writing is straight up bs, but I still have a strong feeling of nostalgia seeing these issues again.

i wonder if EGM actually gave away that arcade cabinet in the contest above. how come they never showed the winner ala nintendo power style? that machine was worth a LOT of money back then

Ahhh man this is really cool!

I just recently posted something similar too.
EGM magazine 2001 talk with Nin, the lead designer of SF2 - Shoryuken

Also interesting:

For some reason, the graphics in those scans still look fantastic to me. Emotionally, illogically, they look better than SFIV; but only in magazine scans.

Thanks for posting these.

Awesome scans! Where’d you get these? I collect old game mags too. I owned a ton as a kid, but I didn’t take care of them.

I especially love early to mid 90’s EGMs, they just had this unreal amount of enthusiasm that you don’t see in games journalism nowadays. Like you were saying, later on EGM got this “too cool for school” attitude. I stopped subscribing in the mid 2000’s when every screen shot had a sarcastic caption and every issue had some sort of Maxim-esque “How to get your girlfriend to play video games” nonsense. I loved Gamepro too, their SF2 Turbo guide is what made me realize there’s a lot more to fighting games than just being able to pull off the special moves.

BTW, first post in a few years…feels good. I miss my old avatar.