Street Fighter 2 and Texas Hold'em Coming To XboxLive Arcade

I love it

Xbox Live?


SF2 is just as important as HD-DVD~!

Now that…that’s cool. :tup:

If we get a perfect port of Super Turbo out of this I’ll buy 3 X-box 360’s.

What he said.

ever since i heard capcom and snkp signed on for live retro gaming ive had my fingers crossed.

sf2 is a good start…

here’s hoping my dreams come true and i get alpha2, realbout2, breakers, etc.

This is good news. Hopefully Capcom decides to release all of their fighters over xbox live arcade, with live support. I’d certainly buy an xbox 360 then.

I was hoping for SF3 but I guess this is a start. I hope they do online right this time but more than likly it will just be like annversary. I prefer doa style online where you cycle through people not just play one person.

Yeah. I don’t like DoA all that much, but they did the online play perfectly. Plus, being able to watch the fights as awesome. You can figure out your opponents style before you even fight him. SF3 should do this and also allow 5 rounds instead of just 3.

It is more important.

Just to clarify its Hyper Fighitng with a cool arcade style system like DoAU and DoA4 have where 2 people play and the winner stays with others spectating.

If this actually goes somewhere good, and Capcom follows up with games that I don’t already have on my Xbox, I might actually be moved to buy a 360 after the PS3 comes out and the 360 price drops.

It is indeed cool, especially since that’s my favorite version of SF2. I’ll be there (I have no arcade stick for the 360 though :sad: though, its a good thing the 360 pad is decent for fighters this time aound, with better shoulder buttons and all )!

That is gonna be so awesome.Lose and your booted back to watching with others.Sweet set up.Now I just need a 360 befor March.

wow this looks great, just image Puzzle Fighter online. :wow:

“360 users can connect to Xbox Live and access Xbox Live Arcade to download a free, feature-limited version of the game which offers two playable characters for one match.”

Is this option available now?

This is great news!!!

I wonder how it will work. Will it be something like how Yahoo games works… you know…like 2 players meet in a room and set up a game thats hosted by their servers?? Or will the players have to buy the games and then play them?

Whoa… now that’s HOT!

The arcade concept is real real good… if only they could adapt a little more live! to frame-critical games like fighting games (a relayed P2P could technically be a good option but I’m dreaming…), it’d be the best, ever!

Simply put, the best news I’ve heard in years. Maybe Capcom has finally come to the realization that they should finally re-market SF2 the correct way (although I wish they realized this years ago instead of creating so many other fighting games, but oh well).

Now if they can just put a basic marketing plan that actually lets the entire world outside of SRK know that: 1) Competitive SF2 play does/did exist 2) You can actually play SF2 online…this game should do extremely well. As contrary to popular SRK belief, SF2 is still the most recognizable fighting game in this country :wgrin: