Street Fighter 2 Cab Restoration

I Periodically check Craigslist for possible Deals on Arcade Cabs in my Area. I still to this day regret not picking up a MINT UMK3 cab for 100$… but anyways… While checking last night I ran across an Ad for an empty Street Fighter 2 Cab for 65$. So I figured I’d offer the guy 50$ for it and see if he’d bite. I call him up and he said no problem and that he would also deliver it to me for free since we lived about a Mile apart.

Considering I wasn’t planning on working on an arcade, This will be a slow process. My goal is to transfer all of my old cab into this one, after I do some repair work, and upgrades.

So here’s the cab.

I just placed my Old X-Arcade up there for reference…

It is a little beat up, but I can already see myself playing some Hyper Fighting on this and it makes me feel like a little kid. I won’t be running any jamma equipment in this, i’ll be modifying it for a 20" Flat CRT TV I have as well as installing my old ps2 and dreamcast. I do plan on using the X-Arcade, but will be ordering some replacement parts.

I have a few questions about this project.

Does anyone have any info on this cab?

Does anyone know where (other than lizard lick) I can find replacement parts. I.E. The marquee holder.

I want to get the old Street Fighter 2 Control Panel printed up and put under some plexi glass.

If I have enough time, I could see myself scrapping the X-Arcade and making a new CP for this. I would still want to use the PCB as it can run 5 different consoles.

Here’s some additional pictures.

I was able to clean the plexi pretty well, but I will probably get a new piece cut at lowes this weekend. Also, theres a hole in the left side of the cab. Was this for linking cabs together?

Any info would greatly help.

I will update as I make progress.

For patching holes try Bondo All-Purpose, dry => sand => paint. For random arcade parts try Hooking up a joystick is easy once you have the pcb wired, I’d highly recommend building one into the cab instead of attaching an x-arcade. If you’re not opposed to Happ parts you could spend around $40 which isn’t jack, or I guess you could gut the X-arcade then all you need is a piece of wood and a drill.

The more I look at it the uglier that X-Arcade looks there. I guess I could try to pull the PCB out and move it into the cab somewhere…

First, using an X-Arcade in the control panel on that cab isn’t restoration, it’s rape.

Personally, I would restore the cab into a Street Fighter machine.

But it doesn’t sound like that’s what you’re going to do, so here’s what I would recommend.

  • Restore the machine to it’s original condition and get the artwork put on there.

  • Gut the PCB from your x-arcade and use it like you said.

  • Rebuild the control panel.

  • Get iL parts to put in the panel.

  • If you can’t fit the 20" TV you have in there without destroying that bezel, either get a new bezel reproduced, or get a new TV.

It’s a Street Fighter II World Warrior Cab.

The cabinet is a Dynamo:

Artwork originally looked something like this:

Although the color on that cab is funky (nasty yellow t-molding), the artwork is correct in that pic.

If you’re going to do anything and not restore it as a Jamma cab, at least do this and get the panel looking nice. Don’t just set the x-arcade in there.

You can get artwork from, and they should have all of the original stuff from there:

Some touch up on paint,new t-molding, and maybe hardware would do it good too.

Dynamo cabs are everywhere, you can get the marquee holder from another one that’s being gutted or sold. Just look around for people with them for sale on craigslist and offer someone a few bucks fore them.

Please for the love of all that is good and holy take the x-arcade off of it.

Thanks for the info on the Cab. I will build a new CP for this cab, I don’t know what I was thinking, I guess just trying to do it as cheap as possible. I like that mame marquee artwork and i’ll probably pick it up eventually. Does anyone know why the Glory Hole is on the side of the cabinet though?

Gonna be ordering some Happ buttons and sticks later today…

:rofl:Glory Hole thats another joy stick mount (fleshy) or maybe CHUN LI is in there:lovin:

lol I totally agree with removing that x-arcade stick. That stick is an abomination.

I agree. I Beta tested the last “5 in 1” adapter and it was pretty much lagless on the ps2 and dreamcast. I’m going to use the PCB out of it and buy all new Happ / IL parts for it.

I really just put it up there to get an idea about the playing angle and such, and then had an idea to just use it. I quickly decided against it.

very nice. Keep us posted on your restoration updates!

I’m wondering if I should Make my own custom Panel or would something like this fit on my cab.

I was measuing it last night and the marquee is 23.75" Wide. This panel is 23.55" wde.

11/20/09 Small Update

Decided to clean the cab up a bit and remove some of the Busted components from the inside…

I made a new bezel to fit the TV I will be using out of some this wood I had.

I removed the one attached Coin deal as it looked pretty busted, not sure though but I won’t be using them. I do plan on getting new lights and coin return buttons, but that will be for show.

I ordered a Control Panel from ebay to fit here, will be adding a combo of iL and Happ parts for it.

Lastly, I cleaned the coin doors a bit, I’ll probably remove these and give them a fresh coat of paint.

More to come as I get more done, going to look for some new plexi tomorrow cut at Lowes…

If I had an empty SF2 cabinet I would never game sitting down again.

Last update for Tonight…

I hooked up my Old Marquee Light, and used my old Joke Marquee to see if it was Bright enough. I think it will do for now, but when my Street Fighter 2 Marquee gets here, I may end up getting a New Brighter bulb for it.

Again, I realize this doesn’t fit properly, it was just to see how it would look to get an idea.

Just got back from lowes. I was able to find a piece of plexi big enough for both a new marquee, and a new bezel for 14$

I also bought a “Corner Protector” so I could make anew top piece for the Marquee holder.

Going to cut this down and spray paint it black.

I also scored some Free Black T-Molding. A buddy of mine bought it for his new cab, but his router broke while trying to cut the groove, so he just gave it to me.

More to come soon…

Some quick progress on this. The plexi looks good.

Thanks man!

Does anyone know if they sell Plex covers for the Dynamo control panels?

Lowes will only do basic cuts on the plexi they sell. They have sheets that are big enough to cover the panel, but I would need to cutt all of the button holes, joystick holes, and mounting holes.

Any ideas?

Get yourself some drills or a dremel tool and do it yourself. It’s not hard.

I have a Drill and Dremel, I’m just worried about cracking the plexi when drilling / Cutting all of the holes

When you get the control panel, you can do it like this:

  • Get the plexi cut to size

  • Place the plexi over the top and use something like a clamp to secure it to the panel

  • Drill your screw holes in the plexi (small drill bits are pretty easy to use on plexi without damaging it).

  • Use the nuts/bolts to fasten the plexi the way it will sit on the panel.

  • Use something like a 20mm bit to drill in the center of where the holes will go. It will be rough, but won’t matter. Using a small bit will ensure that cracking will eventually be covered up or dremeled out anyway.

  • Use your dremel tool with a sanding bit to widen the holes to the proper diameter (using the wood panel underneath as a guide). Go slowly, make sure you use two hands to keep the dremel stable.

You won’t have to worry about cracking while you use the dremel, but you do have to worry about slipping and scuffing the top of the plexi elsewhere.

It’s pretty easy to do if you’re careful.