Street Fighter 2 Cartoons *NEW Akuma*


Hey guys, don’t beleive I’ve ever posted in the Art section of SRK, (usually in the Tech section) but I do draw (you can look at some of my stuff here I was bored on the train and started sketching some cartoon SF2 characters and I thought you guys might wanna check em out.

There were some details off and some are just kinda goofy but it’s all from memory.
I liked em alot, so I’ve been inking and colouring them:

Here’s a new Balrog:

Inked, but not coloured:

And a colored Geif:

NEW Akuma Ink

Let me know what you guys think!


They are all great and hilarious.

Pickle Fighter 2 GERKIN EDITION.


Yo, do you mind if I use the Balrog one on my fightstick?
There really sweet!


Haha funny man, I like it!


I like these as well. Very well done. It reminds me of a cartoon I used to watch [hell, to be honest I may still watch it] but I can’t recall what it is at the moment.

Good stuff.


Ren and Stimpy.


@ ViciousSLASH : Thanks, I was thinking it was kind of potato shaped, but I totally see the pickle.
@ Gregonater : Sure but if you want something specific tell me, these only take a few minutes, I can do an action pose or winpose or something if it’s gonna be on a stick.

Thanks to everyone else, I should have some more inked/colored later tonight.


would you want to make some more balrog ones the same style but just in other random poses?that would be sweet
I love how you drew balrog
good job on them

heres the template i made…

I’m getting a custom put together for my soonish I hope and i was thinking of using that with red punch buttons and blue kick buttons with a red or blue balltop.


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Could you draw 2 more balrogs for me do u think?
one punching and facing sideways like your original. and one punching his gloves together facing forwards like your more recent one… that will make my stick complete! ill upload what i have so far in a minute



these are great! this would make an interesting style for animation :wink:


Okay… initially I wasn’t that wowed at this… but the more I look at it and even more so after seeing that Arcade Stick idea… I think this would be just an amazing idea for the arcade stick. I’d love to see the same concept of the Balrog but doing his Gigaton punch across the bottom. Same goes for any character. Have their ultra’s from the game going across the arcade pad. I’m telling you dude, it. would. be. awesome.


Ya i actually was gonna ask him to make me the punch with his blur behind but I thought that was too much to ask lol. No matter what he draws of balrog it will probably going on my stick though lol.


I think your work is brilliant. Seriously. Draw more cartoons!



First time seeing these… They’re hilarious…
Do some other characters too… Like Hauzer or morrigan or something…


This is serious art. :stuck_out_tongue: lovin’ it.


Lol nice!


sweet man they look cool! ya should do a gen