Street Fighter 2 CE Arcade Restore Project (HF chips installed)

Hey guys,
I thought I would let all you fight enthusiasts take a look at my December project of 2011. I received a surprise B’day gift from my beautiful girlfriend when she called me over to her place and took the covers off this baby! My Jaw Dropped. I mean what girl would feed her boyfriend’s fightgame addiction? Well it was a nice piece. Screen was functioning but this Dynamo cab had a very generic control panel and very bad button layout. Also there was cigerette burn marks on the player 1 and 2 buttons as well as lots of coke and coffee stains that had leaked through. I am guess the previous owner had got this via auction and the cabin had been in a bar or some dingy hole.

Before Pics

I joined the KLOV group and began to work with this cabinet. I cleaned it out. searched out a new control panel. sanded, painted and put new decals over it and new buttons and controller from Lizard Lick.

All in all I think she came out good. My buddies love it. I did upgrade it to Hyperfighting for now but I still have the Champion Edition chips handy if needed.


Thanks for reading

What the fuck is wrong with the button layout in the before pic? Who set that shit up?

Man, that layout looked like it strived to be as un-ergonomic as possible… 1P’s elbow would have to be right in 2P’s face to press the buttons

That’s exactly what I was about so ask.

Anyways, good job on the restoration. Any real bad burn ins on the monitor?

when that thing first came out , as i kid i was so fucking stoked , as we finally got to use the bosses…id say that was my favorite Sf version. And the button cut outs placement is crazy…that had to be done by one previous owner… When i was a kid cigg burns were very common on most machines. leave it burning , between matchs

That remind me about the memory a long time ago.

My opinion is that arcade operators or techs never play the games they make the control panel for. “Six buttons? This oughta work.”

do you still have to hit the lil wire piece the coins hit threw the slot to add credits to it…i used to break in the back of them as i learned as a kid how to get credits from watching , the dude come pick up the coins and giving free credits in each machine…lol or you make your homies drop a quarter in…

Look carefully, it’s on Free Play.

yeah, they used a generic Dynamo control Panel. this cp ws swiss cheese. take a look. it was a complete mess.

i had to buy an more SF2 CP as welding and machining would have taken too much work and cost me a fortune.

As for the coin slots. yeah they work fine. the little metal flippers work for the coins to hit to register a coin up.